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what shops??

chad koeplinger


how many shops have you worked in/ guest spotted at? even if it was one tattoo.........

or, alternatively, if you are a collector, how many have you been tattooed at?

you can list the names for fun......

mine are....

ancestral marks tattoo, saginaw michigan

squirrellys skin art, hubbard ohio

squirrellys skin art, grove city, pa

capitol city tattoo, montgomery alabama

dixieland tattoo, montgomery alabama

252 tattoo, columbia station oh

glen art studio, lansing mi

works of art tattoo, jasper al

marks of art tattoo, san jose ca

american graffiti sacramento, ca

american graffiti davis ca

state of grace tattoo, san jose ca

frith street tattoo london

aloha tattoo barcelona

lab munki tattoo, stirling scotland

amazing tattoos stockholm

infamous studio stockholm

worlds end tattoo stockholm

legacy tattoo helsinki

original classic trieste italy

primordial pain milan italy

rue du framboise zurich

tattoo magic, madrid

only tattoo gijon spain

lieb und seele dorsten germany

living art tattoo linkoping sweden

living art tattoo in a different city in sweden i cant remember the name

sancast tattoo buenos aires argentina

tattoo city san francisco

rock of ages tattoo austin texas

chapel tattoo melbourne australia

tatu dharma sydney

hold fast tattoo perth

tattoo circus miami

colorfast studio ft. lauderdale

iron brush tattoo lincoln nebraska

adorned with envy tattoo saginaw michigan

anchor tattoo seattle

lit fuse tattoo olympia

new york adorned nyc

daredevil nyc

brooklyn adorned brooklyn

top shelf queens ny

tattoo paradise dc

tattoo paradise wheaton md

read street tattoo baltimore md

iron age st. louis missouri

chronic tattoo elyria oh

taylor street tattoo, chicago

hobos tattoo, portsmouth nh

just good tattoos, portland maine

luckys tattoo supply, tampa florida

chicago tattoo company chicago

and more soon.....

tattooing is the greatest thing ever, i have met some of the greatest people that walk the earth through this thing.....


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thats a shed load of shops Chad!

i have only worked in four shops

skins and needles ,norwich uk

second skin, norwich uk

the tattoo studio ,brandon suffolk uk

and now i work at and own 4skin tattoos fakenham norfolk uk

most of my tattoos were done by a friend of mine who sadly passed away a long time ago. RIP Dave.( then some at)

body art studio bristol uk

jokers tattoo norwich uk

bills cafe! yep a cafe way back in the day omg that brings back some memories.

galaxy tattoo singapore

and the london tattoo convention!

and more soon.....

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Chad thanks for your first tattoo blog with us. I was checking out your other blog today http://chadkoeplingerslife.wordpress.com/

and hope you'll continue to share with LST as well!?!

Alright here it goes:

Village Park houses, apartments, and streets, Encinitas, CA

Ocean Tattoo, San Francisco, CA

Temple Tattoo, Oakland, CA

Picture Machine Tattoo, San Francisco, CA

Idle Hand Tattoo, San Francisco, CA

Blackheart Tattoo, San Francisco, CA

Sacred Tattoo, Oakland, CA

Tattoo Thirteen, Oakland, CA

Lyle Tutle's, San Francisco, CA

Tattoo City, San Francisco, CA

Frisco Tattoo, San Francisco, CA

Some random apartments and houses throughout the Bay Area

Damn, is that all? And they are all Bay Area (the "professional" tattoos at least)? For how much I travel you'd think I'd have tattoos form elsewhere? I guess I spend too much time exploring and eating when traveling. I need to be more mindful of this and collect tattoos like a passport maybe on my right leg!?!?

Clive, thanks for sharing as well! Is the "and more soon..." upcoming appointments or still trying to remember them all?

Thanks again and lets hear the places LSTers!!!!!

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i think this thread should have been closed as soon as chad made that list hahaha

the black oshkosh, wi

absolute tattoo menomonee falls and milwaukee, wi

steve's tattoo madison, wi

marks of art san jose, ca

solid state tattoo milwaukee, wi

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worked at...

-absolute tattoo, milwaukee

-steve's tattoo, madison wi

-deluxe tattoo, chicago

-chicago tattoo co., chicago

guest spots, or at least one tattoo...

-south street tattoo, philadelphia

-marks of art, san jose

-ink factory, hudson wi

-uptown tattoo, minneapolis

-aloha monkey, burnsville mn

-atlas tattoo, portland or

-powerhouse tattoo, nj

-saved tattoo, brooklyn

-namebrand, ann arbor mi

-inkrat, tokyo japan

-liberty tattoo, atlanta

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yeah so Chad started with the one up!!!!

Chicago Tattoo Co, Chicago

BlackHeart Tattoo, SF

Aloha Monkey, Burnsville MN

Tattoo Paradise, DC

Luck Seven Tattoo Libertyville Il (navy pay weekends)

Living Art Tattoo Linkoping Sweden

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Nick, what are "Luck Seven Tattoo Libertyville Il (navy pay weekends)"?

It sounds self explanatory, when the navy pays its members and they got spend some of the money on tattoos, but wanted to make sure?

Thanks for clarifying.

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yeah its up by the Great Lakes Naval Base, I used to go up there in the late 90s every other weekend when the sailors got paid. they would get slammed and we would crank em out

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Thanks for starting this blog. Your list is amazing, most people live their whole lives without making it to a tenth of that many cities. I also love the traveling aspect of tattooing, although i've been pretty sedentary since we've had kids and Scott's gone on trips without me. But its great to know that when they get older we can travel all over the world and have tons of people to visit in other countries. I love to meet Scott's tattooer friends as they roll through town, and I can't wait to see who shows up on my sofa for this upcoming convention.

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Ill jump in here as a collector...

Ancient Art - Yorktown, VA

Skinquake - Indianapolis, IN

My Apt - Indianapolis, IN (Seth Wood)

Iron Age - St. Louis, MO (Seth Wood)

Deluxe Tattoo - Chicago, IL (Seth Wood)

Daredevil Tattoo - NYC, NY (Seth Wood)

American Graffitti - Sacramento, CA (Chad Koeplinger)

Tattoo Paradise - Washington, DC (Chad Koeplinger)

Tattoo Paradise - Wheaton, MD (Rudy Fritsch)

Tattoo 13 - Oakland, CA (Eli Quinters, Rob Hostetter, Steve Boltz)

Hotel - San Francisco, CA (Chad Koeplinger)

Flying Panther Tattoo - San Diego, CA (Rob Hostetter)

Body Marks Tattoo - San Diego, CA (Rob Hostetter)

Lucky's Tattoo - San Diego, CA (Rob Hostetter)

Final Sin - Pleasant Hill, CA (Heather Bailey)

Faith Tattoo - Santa Rosa, CA (Josh Mason)

Warlock Tattoo - San Francisco, CA (Josh Mason)

Art Work Rebels - San Francisco, CA (Seth Wood)

Skull and Sword - San Francisco, CA (Seth Wood, Eli Quinters)

Sacramento Tattoo Convention 2006 (Chad Koeplinger)

Sacramento Tattoo Convention 2007 (Steve Boltz)

San Jose Tattoo Convention 2007 (Matt Knopp, Steve Boltz, Eli Quinters)

San Jose Tattoo Convention 2008 (Grez, Heather Bailey)

San Jose Tattoo Convention 2009 (Steve Byrne)

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A good exercise of memory but I had to look at pieces to remember.

I started getting tattooed in 1989 and this year turned 40 so 21 years collecting !Some of these peeps I have more than one piece from but in a kind of order of who did them…

Tony Cohen -Illustrated Man Sydney Australia

Kiwi Kim -Celtic Dragon Sydney Australia

Josh Roelink Tatudharma Sydney Australia (did one leg and various pieces)

Leo Zulueta Black Wave Los Angeles

Ben Te Hau Highline Tattoo Melbourne

Gary Kosmala Everlasting Tattoo SF

Alex Binnie -Into You London

Miles Chaperlin Into You London

Jef Whitehead Tattoo City SF

Scott Sylvia 222 Tattoo

Jeff Rassier Temple Tattoo

Matt Cunnington West Side Tattoo Brisbane (did back piece and one leg)

Chris Conn Temple Tattoo (3 girls heads……what else!)

Theo Jak Moko Ink Auckland New Zealand

Grime- AWR SF

Freddy Corbin- Temple Tattoo Oakland

Jason McAffe Temple Tattoo Oakland

Eddy Deutcshe -Los Angeles

Tim Hendrix True Tattoo Los Angeles

Kat Von D True Tattoo Los Angeles

Monk Ya- Wat Bang Pra Temple Bangkok Thailand

Jack Rudy- GTC Tattooland Los Angeles

Norm -Spotlight Tattoo Los Angeles

I also got tattooed by a guy from East Tattoo from Taiwan and the 2006 Bangkok Tattoo convention that had a missing right hand (just a stump that he used to stretch with)that was cut off a little too cleanly for my liking while he tattooed left handed but I dont know what his name was.

I got to collect from almost everyone I wanted to now that I have very little room left maybe I should do a list of the ones I would like to have had room for, I wish I had got work by

Bob Roberts

Ed Hardy

Mark Mahoney

Thomas Hooper


Filip Leu


But who knows I lasered a piece and had Josh Roelink cover it with a snake, but you only really get one shot so make wise decisions kids!

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I was at a very anti social shop for way too long that wasn't the most relaxed with letting tattooers travel so most of my getting out in the world and learning has been this year which - at 6 years of professionally tattooing - feels unfortunate and a loss, but... Better late than never!

New tribe tattoo - Toronto

Passage tattoo - Toronto

Speakeasy tattoo - Toronto

La main Bleue - Mons, Belgium

Pure Body Art - brooklyn NY

Black cobra tattoo - Salisbury Maryland

Sid's tattoo - orange county CA

Various apartments in London

Various apartments in Amsterdam

Various apartments in Montreal

Montreal tattoo con

Calgary tattoo con

Paris tattoo con

Brigton tattoo con x2

And being that the list above is so shit, how about the artists who have worked in my shop in our first year of business as a home base for myself, jen and Adrian, but also a sabbatical for pro tattooers:

Dan sinnes

Jon gray

Adam sage

Josh egnew

Jason lambert

Nikki balls

Los Ocegueda

Eric Wilcox

Tim pausing

+lots more who have confirmed for future dates!

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Here are some of the places where I have been tattooed...

White Tiger Tattoo Rochester, NY

Jim's Tattoo Seabrook, NH

Hobo's Tattoo Portsmouth, NH

Redemption Tattoo Cambridge, MA

Slave to the Needle Seattle, WA

Good Faith Tattoo Brookline, MA

Olde City Tattoo Philly, PA

Rock of Ages Tattoo Austin, TX

Just Good Tattoos Portland, ME

Jinx Proof Tattoo Montclair, NJ

Love Hate Tattoo Rochester, NY

Boston Tattoo Convention

Rochester Tattoo Expo

Drawing the Wild Card Convention Atlantic City

Chad, are you going to make it back up to Hobo's anytime soon?

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ok...let's see...been tattooed at:

Industrial Tattoo (Berkley, CA)

One Shot (SF, CA)

Idle Hand (SF, CA

Americana (Phx, AZ)

Golden Rule (Phx, AZ)

3 more shops that don't exist any more or I don't remember the name of in phx, az

San Diego tattoo convention

dang...I really do need to branch out.

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1st shop..newbreed tattoo..dayton ohio

2nd..newbreed tattoo..richmond indiana

3rd..newbreed tattoo..anderson indiana..1 yrs at top 3 shops

4th..bulletproof tattoo..spokane washington..3 yrs

5th..tiger tattoo..spokane washington...3 1/2 yrs

6th..altered skin..spokane wshington..3 months..(till friend opened his shop)

7th...rage studio...spokane washington...6 months (got into an actual fight with apprentice..owner took his side)

8th..the missing piece tattoo lounge...spokane washington...almost 2 yrs

9th..shamrock tattoo..spokane washington..where im a now for a few weeks till i open my shop

10th shop will be my final shop for a looong time hopefully as it will be my shop...boar's head tattoo parlor...spokane washington

guest spots....

bulletproof tattoo..spokane washington

santa cruz tattoo..(erno's old shop) unfortunately he had passed away before i was there

nightmare tattoo studio..reno nevada

lucky's tattoo parlor...san diego california

electric cobra tattoo club..portland oregon

heavy duty tattoo..ogden utah

not to bad i guess for goin on 10 yrs this coming spring...definietly want/need to do more guest spots

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Ok shops I've been tattooed in:

Blackheart, SF (Tim Lehi, Nick Rodin,& Mike lucena when he worked there)

Spider Murphys, San Raphael (Stuart Cripwell)

Spotlight, La (Grant Cobb)

Rock of Ages, Austin (Steve Byrne)

Fun City Tattoo, NYC ( Big Steve)

Monster Ink, NY ( Ariel Salgado)

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The places I've worked or done guest spots is so short....but getting there. I've been pretty darn lucky.

Artkore tattoo (normal, illinois)

Taylor Street Tattoo (chicago)

Odds N Ends Tattoo (rockford, illinois)

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32 years---Very short list!

*The Tattoo Shop (ha ha! it was so long ago and such a crap shop I don't even remember if it had a real name) -New Paltz, NY

*Fat Matthew's World Famous Emporium of Tattoo -Wayne, NJ

*Tattoo Tony's - Daytona Bch, Fl

*Gill Montie's Daytona Bch Underground - Daytona Bch, Fl

*Southern Fried Tattoo - Ormond Beach, Fl

*Inksmith and Roger's - Jax Bch, Fl

*Fast Freddie's - Columbus, Ga

*Fine Line ( Bill Loika's ) Deep River, Ct

*Rocket Rick's - Columbus, Ga

*Dancing Dragon - Oak Grove, Ky

*Mike Laport's?? - Leesville, La

*Larry Allen's Anchorage Tattoo Studio - Anchorage, Alaska

*Eagle River Tattoo - Eagle River , Alaska


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Shops I've tattooed at;

Skin Symbols Tattoo - Newcastle, Northern Ireland

Alternative Ink - Holywood, Northern Ireland

Addinktion Tattoo - Belfast, Northern Ireland

Swansea Tattoo Company - Swansea, Wales

Thou Art - Sheffield, England

Studio 76 - Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Thought it was more! I guess I'm counting conventions in my head to, it's always an amazing experience tattooing people in a different city!

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