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Thanks Patrick. Every August when we, RCC, used to all get together for the annual Rumblers CC New York car show under the BQE on the Sunday after we would go to Coney Island.

Some of my favorite pictures I've taken were of us hanging out there (I may have some in my profile photo gallery?). I have many stories from there including all of us being kicked out one year after many hours of having fun or we were having fun but I guess they didn't enjoy our company just our money. The final snapping point for them was when we put our friend who's going blind and our other friend who's paralyzed in a bumper car with the blind man driving and that was that. Our homie who's going blind was yelling at them, "if I could see you I'd knock you out!", while a group of forty or so of us being escorted out......haha laughing out loud as I think about it.

Then there was the numerous times riding the Cyclone back to back to back to back until everyone tapped out leaving bruised and bloodied.

Anywho, thanks as this brings back many good memories!!

Until next time.....


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I love this video!! everything about it is so cool! i really enjoyed it, thanks for sharing it! my favorite part is the freak show!

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Loch, hilarious! I live literally a block from the BQE. This past Rumblers show was pretty awesome and would be even better if I knew shit about cars. Let me know if you're comin up this way again!

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Right on, yeah when I'm out that way I stay at a homies place right at the BQE near Union Pool. I will let you know next time I'm out! You ever eat at Dan's place, The Lodge? I eat there almost once a day when there.

People always enjoy themselves there as there's so much going on, so wether or not you know about customs, hotrods, etc it doesn't matter...insanity at its finest!

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