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Worst Tattoo You've Witnessed


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I stopped in at a local shop to see one of my son's friends that was getting a tattoo. For morale support. There was this one other guy who was getting his tattoo just finished up... down to that final wipe down. The artist says , "how about I add a little detail around it?".

The tattoo looked fine as is. I couldn't catch his eye and he says "sure" and wound up with some funky shading around his nice tattoo. I thought it looked like ass, I hope he was happy with it.

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I can relate to this topic pretty well. Before I had my work done in the prison system, I was sitting in the county jail about 13 years back, getting drunk on some "hooch." I was sitting down getting my first tattoo done with a pick. I had no clue of what I was getting, it turned out to look like a christian symbol with a circle around it. It was an embarrassment for a long time. Then I tried to have someone cover it up, and it turned to an even bigger embarrassment! My advice that I learned from my mistake is to get multiple ideas from multiple artist from here on out, because everyone has different ideas and a different style. Hence, this forum is great because you can get ideas from every different angle!

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