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Initiation and Anxiety if my Tattoo is good or bad


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Hello there, 


I am 22, am currently studying and just got my first tattoo yesterday. 

I have wanted to get a tattoo of the constellation Cassiopeia since I was 16 and now finally took the step. Now that I got it, I am afraid it doesn't look good though. 
The Artist added some shading and if I look from up close, I like the way it looks like some space nebula but I am afraid that it just looks smudged from afar. 
What do I do and what do you guys say? 

Currently I am very panicky and I've been asked by friends and family a few times why its so dark so if it just looks smudged, could I fix it or something? 

I added a picture of the tattoo below.

The Artist has a portfolio I really liked and I was looking at a few artists before. Also, I did not want to save money in that regard, so I paid 200 Euros to have a good chance of getting a tattoo I like. Since I have next to no experience in that department, I don't even know if it's well done.


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