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Milky stage?


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5 hours ago, Laurenellen1209 said:

I've said it twice, I came back to unfollow and saw you was still going on and thought I'd comment again and look you're still going on and I'm the one being childish? 

Yeah alright then 

Sounds like you're the one who graduated to douche bag. 

Like I've said numerous times, I came for one thing, not to have it slated.

My piece isn't finished, if you research what it's meant to be, you can see a clear likeness and like said, it's got a F*** load of work left to go but obviously the only thing that's gonna correct the shit piece I have on my arm is black out 

Like I said it amazes me how you two are the only people to call it shit. 

I've tried to post more recent photos and I'm still getting slated and as more mature people, I was expecting to be treated like a person but you've just been a dick since your first comment and looking at other comments you've both posted here, you both like being *** to other people that don't agree with your first comments. 

If you was an artist and not a collector it might be a different story, but it isn't. 

I've also had two more artists check my piece and guess what? They like it and agree that once finished it's going to look good and like Fawkes which is a F***ing hard thing to get right 

Now the boomerang is going, I've unfollowed and whatever childish comment you or Oboogie come back with, I won't be entertaining. 

Go slag someone else's tattoo off, I'm sure you'll find another post you can both jump on. 


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