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Hello all. Ive got a problem with my recent tattoo...


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Hello. I got problem with my recent tattoo. I got it done 6 weeks ago, shading that was meant to be light gray is very dark, brown... I was told by the artist that it will light up while it heals and Yes it did, but its still brownish. When I got it done it was very dark brown. Do you think I should give it more time and it somehow will be light gray? If not is there anything I could do about it? Like use some white ink over it? I would really appreciate any help. 


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Compare greys from tattoo on the bottom to the other tattoo, they are different.. Maybe on this photo it will be more visible. I wouldnt be too worried if it was first or second week... but its been more than 6 weeks now and there is no change at all 


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