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Hi everyone, found this forum a few weeks ago but thought id make my first post now,

My name is Sam, I'm 19 and from Sydney Australia, have no tattoos (yet) but am booked in for Aug 29th with Stevie Edge. I have loved tattoos for a few years now, traditional mainly but also am fond of japanese. Ive lurked here alot since ive joined but plan on becoming a more active member now. So far I love this forum, i had been looking for ages for a good tattoo forum and this one is exactly what i was after.

I am also coming to the states in december for 2-3 months, and plan to get some work done while im over, Ill be going to LA, SF, NY, Boston and Chicago so have a lot of good artists available, and am really looking forward too it, and possibly meeting up with a few members on here.

Anyway, thanks for having me and for being such a great forum,


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welcome to LST sam! that sounds so exciting! i hope you have an amazing time when you go on your trip and i look forward to see some pictures when you get your first tattoo.

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Thanks everyone,

Dari, yeah i was glad i decided to wait abit before getting tattooed, If i had jumped into it earlier I probably would have ended up with sugar skulls and owls, not that theres anything wrong with that, but I'm glad i dont have them now haha, Ive done alot of research and Scott is one of the people on my list when i come to America, so I'm in good hands when it comes to getting quality work.

Lochlan, will do once the dates are finalised, dinner would be great

And thanks Alanna Im very excited and am sure it will be an amazing time and will be sure to post some pics of my future work.

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