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Public Service Announcement! (not really)

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I'm finishing up a body suit this year and at 64, I've been concerned about my skin continuing to be fit to tattoo. I took a break during COVID, so I lost two years, but I've had four appointments in the last several months. In preparation for the appointments, every day I applied cocoa butter liberally on the areas to be tattooed for a full month prior to my appointment. My last two appointments focused on the ribs and in addition to not hurting nearly as much as my previous rib tattoos, both sessions healed in record time. All of the red was gone within two days, I had very little pain and they healed very nicely. I've probably got another 6 sessions left and I'm going to continue doing this; hopefully it will help all my sessions heal quickly.

Anyway, it's not a scientific experiment, it's only one person, but I thought I'd share it. It certainly won't hurt and it might help.

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