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Hello all. Im a tattooer in Chicago, have been since 04. Found the site via Nick C and Mario over at CTC's facebooks.. Site looks great. I hope to network with some new people and reconnect with some old...

I am a partner at The Code of Conduct here in Chicago. We are off 11th and State Street not too far from where it all began in this City. Our shop is a combo tattoo shop and boutique, which has been looked down at by some more seasoned artist. But fuck it its one of the only way I could get the permits and the down town proper. Plus we are in the heart of 4 colleges so we are giving the kids what they want. And its not a shitty sctratcher shop like alot of the others in this City. All our artist know what they are doing... check out the site.

also looking to check out machine builders.. I seem to only stick to the few I know. Time to branch out a bit.

-jason hoodrich

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hey jason, welcome to the forum! can't wait to hear more about you and see some of your work. we are fans of mario and nick so i am sure you will fit right in here!

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