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Jaycel Adkins

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Hello Everyone,

Obviously, I'm a new person here and wanted to introduce myself properly to such great artists and enthusiasts of tattoos.

I own a small business in the food service industry that has gone through about seven different iterations to it's current form, while trying to weather the 'interesting times' the economy has been experiencing the past few years.

I'm a great lover of craft, anything that is made by hand/mind where you get better over time, is just something I have so much respect and admiration for. I'm a big believer in the 10,000 hour rule of mastery and am trying to get myself on that path, through fits and starts, naturally.

I type more than I talk, so my apologies up front to everyone if I post something on your thread/topic/blog and you get flashbacks to those dreaded five paragraph essays from high school.

My hope is to better educate myself about tattoos and tattooing while sometimes participating on any subjects where I feel I have an opinion/insight that would be interesting.

I'm a contrarian by nature, so I don't mean any disrespect to anyone if I end up disagreeing with them, it's just a reflex, but I hope to express it as a gentleman and not as a jerk.

Favorite artists: So far.....

Tim Hendricks: the Brownie Hawkeye camera and orchids piece he did for his sister that appeared on his and her blog....so classy.

Shige of Yellow Blaze: Was the first tattoo book that I bought and going through it just broke my brain! The full body suit of Yoko Uki and her story, IN HER OWN WORDS!! And the hybrid Neo-Tribal/Hanna Mask that appeared in his profile in INK lead me to start saving money and making long term plans.

Valerie Vargas: Whose work I was introduced to via this forum, her 'gentladysleevefinished' filled me with so much glee that I had to stand up and take a short walk before coming back to my laptop, so polished. Makes me wish I could swipe Tiger Woods NetJet account and just refresh her twitter hoping someone cancels, then...ZOOOMMM....across the pond I go!

Colin Dale: I'm a huge Game of Thrones fan, and his Nordic Dragons and style of Dotwork was something I never encountered before, until I got a great deal on Marisa Kakolulas Black Tattoo Art book. The tattoos do look like they are floating.

Many other artists whose work I can spend hours just staring at, but the above four, hopes one day to sit in their chairs.

Found the site, via looking for interviews of tattoo artists on youtube. Has watched/listened to the interviews of Kore and Tim multiple times, Grade A Awesome.

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Welcome to LST!!

I have to say I really enjoyed your introduction! I look forward to reading your input to the threads out there. What do you do in the food service industry exactly? I only ask because I'm a dessert chef and I'm also just very curious! :) see you around!

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Hello and welcome. Thanks for the thoughtful and informative intro, it's nice to really learn something about a new user from their intro instead of just piecing it together from posts. I like that you're calling yourself a contrarian, I often play devil's advocate myself.

See you round the forum!

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Thank you for the welcome!

Alanna and Lochlan, here is a link to the website for what was....Plan B....of my business, still doing cakes when asked to, strictly wedding cakes, though.


Dari: Great to hear another contrarian is around. I'm sure I will stay in check, by virtue still learning and reading...there is SO MUCH to get your head around.


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where in N FL? i currently reside in R'dale AL but keep considering Jax bch, when things get better or explode.

I live just outside of Jacksonville, it's still the South, but it's okay, the Beach considers itself a different place, always thought the North part of Jax Beach had a Jimmy Buffet kinda vibe, but the South part is Ponte Vedra, where they have the Players Championship for Golf, pretty upscale.

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