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Hi ! I'm new here!


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I stumbled onto this forum somehow or other, and after lurking around for awhile I joined. Really friendly place!

I've been interested in anything tattoo related since the age of three when I first remember seeing my dad's tattoo.

I got my first in 1985, kept getting them until 1998 when my life got a little turbulent. Life had settled down by 2010 and that's when I got back into it by accident.

I have a great job, a great relationship and a great artist that allows me the opportunity to finally realize the tattoo goals I always dreamed of.

In August 2010, I got the itch to get a new tattoo, and check the possibilities of getting all my old, faded, crude 80's and 90's punk tattoos reworked.

I've been a Social D fan since 1989, and always wanted the Skeleton tattoo, so I finally just said "I'm gonna get it". I checked out all the shops in my area.

There are quite a few in middle Tennessee. Some are good, some are so-so, but the last place I went to was this little shop named Tried & True Tattoo in Smyrna Tennessee, literally 2 miles from my house and checked out the owner's portfolio (the artist/owner's name is Paul Pearson).

Long story short:

We clicked (he loves Social D as much as I do, and old 80's and 90's tattoos).

I ended up getting the Skeleton tattoo that day(inside of left bicep, hurt like a witch). Since then he's reworked all my old ones better than they ever were, and done a bunch of new work on my right arm. Both arms are pretty much out of space now, but I am so happy with how it turned out.

Next up is getting my Dad's tattoo on my left calf (it's a big ass Sailor Jerry skull with a snake through it.

Can't wait!

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Tried & True Tattoo has been there for almost a year.

Paul is the owner, and an awesome tattooer, but in addition to him there's also 3 others, Ryan, John, and Derek (plus apprentice Amanda).

Very friendly folks, they can do just about anything you could ever imagine.

The interior of the shop looks like AC/DC opened a beauty parlor.

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