Tattoo Noob!!

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Hey everyone , I have been lurking about in here for a while. I'm from Glasgow, Scotland and I work in Customer services (boring stuff)

Love tattoos and tattooing , took me years to decide what I wanted. My first tattoo is a large Japanese Dragon half sleeve/chest panel done by Stephen Wrigley (Terry Wrigleys son) , second Tattoo is a sugar skull on my calf by my friend Kaye Nicol who is also adding a Santa Muerte to my other calf next week. I am also booked in with my favourite artist Marcus Maguire at the end of the month to get a special skull/starwars related piece done. his work is amazing. That will be me done for this year, but planning some dotwork and hopefully a piece by Billy Hay next year ....

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Welcome, Gregor! Thanks for jumping right in and sharing pics, too. Really dig that dragon. I have a dragon and sugar skull myself. :)

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Some really good tattooists in Scotland these days. I love Richard Pinch's work (and his body suit by Filip Leu is pretty amazing too)>

I'd love to get some work by Richard Pinch , believe it or not though, he only does walk ins ! You can imagine that you have to start queueing early for that one !! Hes meant to be quite an intimidating character too . Hes married to Steven Wrigleys sister too I think ...

Thanks for all the kind comments everyone!

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