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"What's new?" function and blogs


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Is there any way to make blog posts and blog comments appear when hitting the "what's new?" button? I always forget to check what's new on the blogfront because usually just hit the "what's new?" button whenever I log on here. I know it's pure lazyness, but it would be a nice to get the blog updates when using that function as well.

It would also be nice to have a "new photos" button that basically did the same thing as the other one only with photos posted since you last checked.

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Agreed 100%!

For a while I thought the pictures on the front page were the latest uploads and was like damn these don't change much, then I realized it's the photos with the most likes.

I hate to admit I haven't read more than maybe 2 blog posts here, I think it's because of what Iwar said. I just forget to check out what's new in that section.

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I agree, there has to be a way to highlight the blogs more.

On the forum page, I think to see if someone put up a blog thing, you have to scroll all the way to the bottom, past all the forum threads, where you can see who is online, birthdays, etc.

Maybe move Random Images down to where blog entries is now and move recent threads and blog entries up one?

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These are great ideas, I also forget to check the blogs myself. Steve is the boss of all things visual and technical, and he's hiding out in a cabin in the woods somewhere right now, I'm sure he'll welcome the idea when he comes back all refreshed and renewed.

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Hey Guys - thanks for the ideas. I moved the forum side bar blocks around as suggested.

I'll investigate getting blogs and pics to appear under what's new.

In the meantime, there is a 'what's new' sub-menu item under the gallery tab that offers some options for this.

Notice that the little arrow to the right of the dark grey bar gives the option to show/hide any of the blocks in the site to your preference.


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