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LST Contest: Vote for your favorite Tattoo Picture (ends 9/31/11)


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New LST Contest!

Vote for your favorite pictures in the Tattoo Gallery.

The member whose picture has the most votes on 9/31/11 will win an LST t-shirt, and have their picture featured on the homepage.

Use the star rating feature at the top right of each picture in the Tattoo Gallery to (anonymously) vote for your favorites!

The LST home page will automatically update to show the current six highest-rated images.

Feel free to promote the link your gallery picture(s) on facebook, twitter, etc. - to get votes from your friends..

If you have not uploaded an image yet, it's never too late to be part of the contest.

Get started here: LST Tattoo Gallery - and let the games begin!

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Thanks to a great suggestion by @Iwar we have updated the Tattoo Gallery voting system to use 'Like' instead of star rating.

Now you can simply click the green 'Like' button at the top right of the Pictures you want to vote for - much simpler!

The contest rules still apply, but it will now be based on the total number of Likes rather than rating.


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