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I traded messages with my artist - gave him some thoughts on my idea for my right upper arm and what I'm looking for in terms of meaning. Got this back: "Yeah I really dig the idea. I don't have much time this week, but next week I'll be able to start sketching on it. I'll let you know when you can stop in and check it out." I'm psyched. Probably will schedule mid-September - I want to be well healed before we head of to Antigua in late November to celebrate our 42d wedding anniversary.

This is the 15th anniversary of 9/11 and, given my experiences that day I want something that expresses my feelings towards our Nation and the emotions of the day.

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Isn't it great when one's ideas are met with enthusiasm? The artist I saw was also stoked with my idea - but he only had an appointment available in a year and really, I will probably change my mind two dozen times before then! I'm thinking 6 weeks though is a pretty good waiting period - as well as the date being so significant to you.

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Started my Japanese crane arm with Yutaro at Seven Doors in London yesterday. Pic nicked from his instagram as I don't have one and the arm is wrapped atm. There is a second crane on the lower arm and more finger waves. 
As I don't have to travel and I'm not in a hurry, we decided not to stress it but do the whole thing in a couple of nice short(ish) sessions. 

Really enjoyed the time at the shop and look forward to going back!


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2 minutes ago, mtlsam said:

Glad to see you got that appointment set up. If you keep making great decisions like this you'll have a heck of a collection!


1 hour ago, Devious6 said:

Awesome first tattoo!!! Congrats!!


2 hours ago, Mark Bee said:

That's a pretty great 1st tattoo. Congrats!


5 hours ago, ChrisvK said:

Great first tattoo! I bet you're allready planning your next one haha. 
Can't go wrong with Pedro, he's still on my wish list for sure


6 hours ago, Dan said:

nice tattoo,really nice for a first tattoo !!! @skywalker

Thanks guys! I'm really happy with it. Pedro's a really cool guy and somehow got into my head to design the perfect tat for me. I was lucky, about 2 weeks ago he said he had a cancellation, so that was time for me to swoop in and steal that slot.

I'm lucky I live by a few great tattooists, my next is booked for October with Chris Collins at Frontier. 

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