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    • Currently in lockdown in the middle of nowhere spending my time applying for new jobs and trying to figure out where I’m going to live next. Just got done with a 14 day self-quarantine though since I recently returned to the states after traveling around Asia and Africa for work (though that schedule was changed multiple times and then cut drastically short due to COVID-19. I should still be in Africa right now!)  Here are a couple pictures from some of my recent travels! 
    • Hey everyone! I’m new on here (obviously) and looking to meet some people, talk tattoos, and ask for some advice.   I have one tattoo already and have been playing around with 2 other ideas. Hoping to get one of them after this lockdown stuff is over with and I figure out where I’m going to live.   I’m starting with just lurking around the forum and seeing what I can find. But I’m sure I’ll be asking some advice soon.   Hope you are all staying healthy, safe, and sane in these crazy times!   Jae
    • oooooh do we get a name as to who is doing the commission?  I also got something, from Luca Mamone
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