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    • Hi! So i got a new tattoo about four days ago. Yesterday was the day i took off the transparent contact My artist instructed me to leave for Two days. After i arrived Home late from work the third day i noticed some little white bumps around the right eye of My portrait tattoo. Today i woke up and it's still a bit bumpy, i can't see that texture anywhere else on My tattoo and i'm scared it is starting to get infected. Help and insight would be appreciated!
    • Thanks I appreciate your feedback.  I don’t want seem like I’m not understanding of the situation, just frustrated at it. I’ll wait and hope for a reply from the artist.
    • I'm not saying that everything is great, as it certainly is an inconvenience for both of you. They lost the day of work too. Im sure they would rather have been working and making money too.  Also, the deposit is there to protect the artist. It will still go towards your overall cost. All you can do is reach out and state explicitly that you will or will not be at the next appointment. Again, this is certainly less than ideal. All i was trying to say was that this hardly seems to be worth this amount of online stressing and venting.
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