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    • You will be most satisfied if you can be happy with a good cover-up. I had a professional tattoo lazered for three sessions and then corrected by a different artist. Four years later, the minor scaring halo has turned into a cool drop-shaddow. But, both during and after the process you must use patience.
    • No, not even a member of any tattoo FB groups. Just thought it would be an interesting discussion. For myself, I guess it would be the cameo of my wife. It came out just perfect.
    • I don't know how to answer this without lying, sounding like a douche, or both. I have several I could choose.  I'll narrow it down to the first one I got that my wife also got that is a stick figure faimly portrait I drew her for mother's day or the dragon I got at Three Tides in Tokyo- both for obvious and different reasons. 
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