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    • I'm newbie so my words might count as nothing. I got, as you know, my first tattoo a week ago. I waited for it atleast a year. My mom always told me "Don't you dare getting tattoed, I will cut your arm if I see you", then I found a job, I've earned money, and I become independent.    Then I started reading stuff about tattoes, watched many guides/videos about tattoo care, performances etc. I litterally found a wonderful world, which means a lot to me. After a year of studying, research and interest I thought "now I'm ready", so I booked a session, choosing the tattoo studio based on: reviews, instagram post etc. I went in and I said "I would like to have a wolf printed in my left forearm". Two weeks have passed and in 4hrs I got my forearm tattooed.  Since this session every morning I watch my forearm and I think about every single minute passed watching videos, reading guides, choosing the subject etc. And I say "I have to be proud about it, that's my personal goal that I have been aiming for a year".  In the end, for me, you can't get a tattoo if you are not ready for it. That is why people have anxiety after the session. They aren't ready yet 
    • Honestly, as far as I know it looks pretty solid. I could not imagine it without any black around. I mean, it is a cool piece, without this background the white wolf could not be so cool to watch. A week ago I got my forearm tattoed too with a wolf, and the artist just did an absolute masterpiece. He hasn't told me that he wanted to use that much black, but he just went straight. The result is simply amazing, now that it is healing the wolf is like a pencil draw, and the black around gives prominence to the wolf face.  Anyway, as the others said, just deal with it, I guess you will like it way much more once it will be healed! (sorry for my bad english)
    • I would not recommend trying to use another artist's design. There's about a 90% chance that a quality artist won't want to do it, and a tattooist who would wouldn't be up to the task. Meantime with respect to traditional in your immediate area here is a very short list: https://www.instagram.com/stefanpauli/ https://www.instagram.com/christianhensen/ https://www.instagram.com/flashtilldeath/ https://www.instagram.com/tobias_tietchen/ https://www.instagram.com/alex_sances_one/
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