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@RoryQ, Chad is quick alright. The consequence of that is he is very heavy handed. He did a shoulder piece on me and I bled like I was a stab wound victim. Got some pretty funny looks on the public transport after!!

Guess there's always a catch....!

Booked in a shop here bringing him over in 2012, but no dates set yet.

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Shawn- hopefully this is one of those occasions where it'll be a good thing if Chad is as quick a tattooist as people say he is!

Yeah. I figured quick and painful were one and the same. But he's such a nice dude that I'll be too charmed to care. Plus the tattoo is going to be cool.

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Chad is fast and heavy but the one tattoo I got from him I love...... and while it may have healed a little slower then others the colors look great once it did fully heal. I am ready to go back to him for another tattoo when our paths cross!!!! This time a bit bigger.

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I just got a huge calf piece from Danny Reed - A Kewpie Viking- its the most kvlt brootal piece ever (i will see if I can figure out how to photo it)

edit- here it is, my house is dark and i suck at camera


He has a good photo of it on his Instagram. dannyreedtattoo

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    • This happened to me 3 weeks ago. Just the black ink on 4-5 tattoos. It begin during the time a had a viral cold and hasn’t gone down since. I’ve tried ice directly on them thinking it was heat or a fever that triggered it and it doesn’t help. The newer pics look like their gone. How long did it take to go away. 
    • I think I’d wait a little while. When mine was infected, we had to wait quite a while before going back in. The skin was really tender for a few weeks. Let us know what your doctor thinks!
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