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...so on wednesday i flew out from germany to poland to meet up with one of my favorites, rich hardy. he started my back piece...and i`am more than glad that i chose him - i`m absolutely in love!


one the one hand it was such an amazing and satisfying experience for my mind but on the other hand it was so horrible for my body. i wouldn`t call myself a pussy when it comes to tattooing but this time i was almost ready to start crying and stopping this whole thing; but somehow i made it through. :)

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Have not posted for a while but had to show my new piece off!

Done by the very talented Valerie Vargas



I LOVE Valerie's work! This is absolutely INSANE!!! Congrats on a great back piece!

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Looks AWESOME! Was this done at his private studio or down at Kings Ave Manhattan?

Thanks! It was done in the private studio. I always go there. It's a lot closer and easier to get to from CT. Plus it's quiet and no distractions which makes me feel better when I'm getting tattooed.

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    • sounds 100% normal.   before they are ready !?!?!???  LOL   holy shit ! let it heal ! it will be fine, mother nature made our bodies are pretty F***ing smart.   now, take a deep breath,  breath,   take a breath, now breath,  relax,trust me, it will be ok.
    • It is strarting to flake but im worried that the flakes come off prematurely when i wash it? And advice or tips on that? And when putting lotion on how can i do this without putting on too much lotion and bot taking off the flakes before their ready? 
    • so ya, if someone wants to join here and become part of the community and contribute in a positive way, then they are welcome,  but if someone comes here just looking to get help winning a contest online, then they won't get a real warm welcome here.
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