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Latest tattoo lowdown.....

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I put this in this months contest thread, but I figured I'd put it here too. It was done by Ron Henry Wells at the Philly convention. Getting tattooed by him was great. He kept yelling at me every half hour or so. Highlights included:

"I can't believe you're making me tattoo between Grez and Scott Sylvia!"

"Seriously, fuck you."

"You know I'm ruining the property value of your leg, right? I mean, I'm gonna put this tattoo here, and next thing you know, bloods and crips will be selling crack on your leg."

"Why do you even want to get tattooed by me after these other ones? I should be working at Starbucks, not making tattoos."

Dude was hilarious. Anyway, this is healed now, and it definitely fits in and doesn't ruin my leg at all. Haha. He's so self-deprecating, but goddamn if he doesn't just keep killing it. I love almost everything I see him do.


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Walk in day at blackheart. Get tattooed by Jeff Rassier within an hour. no big deal.

Nice one. If they keep doing it monthly, I'll be back every month. I was gonna wait for Rassier, but went with Cody instead.

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