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I'm afraid it might be. Considering I've gotten this one, my two arm tattoos, and my backpiece - it's been an expensive year.

Calculating the number of dollars spent on tattoos is painful. It's all sunk costs to me.

Finally back at it. This one from Xam at Seven Doors.

Clean as all hell. WOW.

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Here they are (stolen from her instagram)! By Nora Townsend of Magnetic North Tattoo in Burlington, VT. So blown away by the end result and love how big (and low :eek:!) we went. Nora is so amazing, and it was refreshing to talk candidly about the tattoo industry and all our favorite artists. She's apparently heavily influenced by Wendy Pham... kickass! I was so impressed how knowledgeable a small town shop in the middle of nowhere VT can be. One of the co-owners of the shop showed me an old in-progress O'Donnell piece, soo good. Made me miss being in NYC, but very relieved to have a solid shop down the street from me!



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Just got home from packing the back of my neck.

Fuck me is all I can say. Absolutely drilled the fuck out of me.

Not easy going for Ol mate either, belting into that weathered, rubbery skin.

Was a solid drilling to pack this area out.

Regardless, it's done. We never have to visit this site again.

Now, for post tattoo recovery. Hot shower/ cold cider hand in hand.]

Looks amazing.

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Got this one yesterday:


It is done by Zooki at The Sailors Grave, Copenhagen.

My best friend got a matching one. I recently moved to Copenhagen, which is 400 km away from where I lived before, and this weekend my best friend visited me for the first time since I moved here. We got these in celebration of his visit :)

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@Emil. Did you attend the Wizards Den Tattoo Show recently? The event looked cool as fuck. Nice tattoo BTW

"Booze, Blues & Tattoos"

Unfortunately, no. I REALLY wanted to go, but I was away on vacation at the time. The line-up of artists was really impressive IMO, and I have only heard great things about it afterwards. Hopefully they will host another one in the future!

- And thanks for the compliment! The people at The Sailors Grave are awesome!

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