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I had a couple of jammers done by Franklin Reeves at The Pearl Harbor Gift Shop on Thursday. Awesome guy. It had been a few months since my last tattoo, and it felt good *you know what I mean* to get back to it. I'm running out of room on my lower right leg. Hopefully getting a larger piece done on my thigh in the near future. Franklin did the cat and the chalice. Other visible work my Tim Pausinger (The Pearl), Franz Stefanik (Okey Doke), Mario Desa (Great Lakes) Chad Koeplinger (Rock of Ages), and Glennie (The Pearl).

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@Fala Wow. Really nice.

and the side will have been so much worse than your back, I think . . .

@SStu Hehe - we'll see! That part where the blade hits my back just a bit, I kept wanting to turn around and punch Yoni in the face. It was a surreal experience. That said, I'm hoping to start working on my back after this, once I settle on imagery (a battle royale of some sort).

That soft spot between the ribs and hip was super awful, which was (of course) where the majority of the session time was spent. I am one of those people who'd much rather have a long session on the ribs than those soft/sensitive parts. Yesterday was such a strange tattoo day. I was so spent after the session, I couldn't think, do simple math, could barely get home... Going back in January/February to finish - yay!

Good to think that the back won't be so bad if I can manage my ribs (again!) I figure, if both side panels are done before I do my back, I'm golden - hahahaha...

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@SStu Hehe - we'll see! That part where the blade hits my back just a bit, I kept wanting to turn around and punch Yoni in the face. It was a surreal experience.

Beautiful piece! HA! Re: Punching your tattooer, I totally know the feeling!

I had the same when I was getting my back done.

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pretty excited to have booked appointments for my GF and myself to have quite a bit of chair time with Freddy Corbin. This dude is such a standup guy. He answers my email, calls, etc... within hours. I have messaged many of the harder to schedule artist and have never heard from them in 2 years. Living in Portland, I am hoping to make one trip from Portland to Oakland, then going to my hometown and having Tim Hendricks due a piece all in the same weekend. But for now, Freddy is a lock.

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(Pardon my overly enthusiastic post but I've just recently started getting tattooed, and I've never been tattooed at a convention - this is all pretty new to me so I'm gushing a bit!)

Not great pics, and no good clear ones of the tat yet, but am SO STOKED (and still a bit wonky) from my epic day yesterday with Darcy Nutt at the Richmond VA Tattoo Arts Convention. We emailed about ideas beforehand, but she decided not to draw anything up, wanting to meet me first and collaborate on something after we spoke in person. She had no other appointments, so my simple Japanese koi idea turned into my own freshwater angel fish from pics off my phone, and my beloved peonies.

She freehanded it onto my arm, and including that part of it and one potty break, it was 6 hours in the chair. That is why I look a bit cross-eyed strung out by the last pic! I ate an omelet at 9 am and hubby tried to get me to eat along the way, but I could not do it - endorphins from pain suppress the appetite, I guess. I tried to stay hydrated, though, and found my happy place. It is all about breathing. I knew I'd be leaving with something wonderful that I'd enjoy forever, and it would be worth it.

She won Tattoo of the Day (I guess I won too, but I didn't do anything but sit there), and that was pretty sweet! She finished at 9:25, the contest was at 9:30, and the pic was taken at about 10, at which point I didn't know my own name, lol. That is definitely a long session, I don't care who you are, but I had an opportunity that was not to be passed up, and Darcy is a genius.

When I went up to the judges, they looked at each other, shaking their heads and grinning as they all exclaimed, "Fuckin' Darcy..." cuz they KNEW this tattoo was going to win, lol. Anybody who has the chance to get some work done by this sweet, wonderful, brilliant lady you should definitely do it. She made this design up on the fly, without ever having done this type of fish before. I'll post pics when I get the ones done by the photographer at the show, or the ones she'll post on her IG, showing the fish better towards the back of my arm.




From Darcy's IG:


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    • the right artist that likes doing coverups could do just fine, what you have to do is a lot of research to find the right person, I have a couple coverups that are perfect.
    • i do have a question. how difficult is it to get a tattoo over another tattoo? i got one when i was about 18 and looking at it i think its not really a good one. I mean its well done its just dumb for me and i did not think it through enough. If i want to add something to cover/change it.
    • Hello! and if you've got initial questions you can do that here, too. 
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