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SO Many Fantastic pieces being posted!!

Here is my latest (and second, lol) tattoo. It was done by Christian Buckingham at Revolt in Las Vegas last week. It's on the right side of my chest and took about 4hr.

The idea was basically a war style triceratops and I asked for it to be tough looking.....the rest was left up to the artist and I couldn't be more stoked with the results!

This picture is a quick cell phone pic from the day the piece was completed, maybe will upload another of the healed result in several weeks.


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Finished today the skull and some minor details. I love it, it really makes the Tofi eye part that was bland and I didnt like pop more now :)

He also gave me an original painting of his which is sick (pic below)

The Japanese artist at the shop was doing a sleeve, super clean work and he ended giving me an original of one of his paintings(pic below), so had a great day :)

Sorry for the glare from my phone.

Video of completed leg by Mrdist!





The original picture Henry gave me :)


The original picture Enzo gave me :)


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Latest tattoos from Guen Douglas done at Magnum Opus in Brighton. Really pleased with them but damn the heal is so tough. Usually heal very quickly with minimum issues. First time using vasocaine so don't know if this is affecting the heal? Anyway can't wait for them to be settled in. Got an appointment with Sneaky Mitch on Wednesday, way to soon but you just don't say no, not even when you've been waiting as long as I have to be tattooed by him!

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(sorry for the bad photos) got this today from Simon Erl


so many details in it that i love, he also probably had the lightest hand of anyone ive been tattooed by, would love to get more work from him

and got this lil sentimental thorn with rose from my mentor curtis pettigrove on friday. he's returning to the other side of the world in a month so im getting them in whilst i can, that and he's got mad style and is such a chill dude to get tattooed by aswell as a great friend, so if youre in the london area you should catch him before he returns to aus


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Well i finally got my piece from Tim Hoyer.

Outlined last Sunday. Color this Sunday.

First piece completed in 3 sessions with Timothy Hoyer and i am beyond stoked for it.

Upon completion of the tattoo, I decided he is doing my full back.

Gave him my ideas and he is down. Just going to save up cash then actually begin session sometime in September.

I feel I should have hit him up sooner for some work. Once healed I'll post pics.

I can honestly say for once, I currently have no upcoming tattoo appointments.

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Finally got an appointment with Sneaky Mitch. He's been my great white buffalo (hot tub time machine anyone?) for a while now, especially since he literally works 5 mins from me! Haha. So worth the wait though and he's a top guy.

Great white buffalo

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