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On 5/11/2016 at 5:47 PM, havetsherre said:

Got this panther from Steve Byrne when he was guesting at invictus in Oslo.

Stared at this a few minutes when he posted this on his IG. It's so clean and bold, love it! Congratulations on a killer piece!


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I had my first sitting on my knee with Grez the other night. We ended up sorta running out of time because he had to leave right when the shop closed and it took a while for him to draw a lot of things on when we started. But he got done the outline and shading and it looks fuckin killer.

The real highlight of the trip was after we wrapped up though. He had told me last year that he was going to show me his tattoos from Hardy, Higgs, and Conn (his three favorites). So Thursday night he showed me tattoos he has from all three of them. Then he asked me if I wanted to see the art he keeps at the shop (aside from all the insane shit he has on the wall). He showed me a shitload of originals from all three of them, from flash sheets to commissions to sketchbook pages. He also showed me a bunch of originals from Sailor Jerry, Mike Malone, Timothy Hoyer, Tim Lehi, and a ton of others. It was absolutely bonkers.

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@suburbanxcore What a special treat!  Sounds like a rad tattoo experience, what are you getting from Grez?

@marley mission Holy fuck, I spent a long time ogling that ROA on Instagram earlier today, so stoked it's on a fellow LST'er!  Any chance we can see a picture of it with more of the surrounding tattoos?  Looks like it fits real well...

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Got this dragon head from Greg Christian when he was at Congress St tattoo!  I have always wanted a dragon head from him and I absolutely LOVE this one.

This was done on Saturday 4/30. The very next day Jason Scott finished up the background on my left arm.  Super happy with the results of that as well and I will post those pics soon.

It was super annoying to heal two arms at once, especially considering the Greg Christian piece is almost my whole inner forearm, and Jason Scott's work was from my elbow up to my armpit and shoulder.  It was all worth it though in the end.

Greg recommended using Tegaderm to heal the dragon head.  Jason Scott had a roll of it,  and between him, Greg, and Spencer Scott,  they managed to get it on really well.  I guess the stuff wasn't cooperating at first and it took a few tries (painful tries... put it on, take it off....) and a few different hands to get it on in the end.  That stuff seemed to work like a charm.  I've included a mostly healed pic as well.  I say mostly healed because you can still see a few flakes of the second peel in that pic.  I would definitely use it again.  I healed Jason's stuff the normal way and that turned out really good as well.  Very relieved and extremely happy as I find healing tattoos pretty stressful all around.



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28 minutes ago, rjwetz said:

Help me and my friend Kat get some kick ass ink. Anything helps. Find out more on our gofundme page by clicking the link. :1_grinning: Thanks!

Kat and Ryan Get Tattooed by You






First off - welcome. Glad you found this place. It's a great resource.

Second - This isn't the thread for your post. Make a post in the Initiation section and introduce yourselves.

Third - this is not a good idea. If you want something and can't afford it, find a way to earn money until you can. Get a job. Sell your extra possessions. Recycle aluminum cans. But don't start an e-panhandling page and join a forum for the express purpose of getting complete strangers to pay for your tattoo. This plan of yours makes so little sense it's hard for me to understand how you thought it would be a good idea.

Delete your begging page and start reading.

Again, welcome.

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