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@oboogie  pretty nice ! I love that style it was done in.


I am working on an appointment to get a realistic tattoo of my dog from  Roman Abrego,I met with him and showed him a pic last weekend at a tattoo show here in Sacramento and he is interested in doing it.



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my wife and myself got some work from Oliver Peck on Saturday (10/22) at the SFO show.

my wife got this octopus


it was put next to this  mermaid Oliver did last February ,she is working on a traditional underwater leg


and I got this on my right upper thigh,it's about 9"x8"








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My warrior of a wife got a wolf tattooed by Jessie Beans yesterday at Classic Tattoo in Red Deer AB.

And holy chit mang...right before she left in the morning I gave her a pair of warm wool socks, wished her good luck and reminded her don't be scared to go bigger. She came home with one hell of a one-shot tattoo on her thigh. Thoroughly impressed by the tattoo and my wife's spirit !

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16 hours ago, MoistTowelette said:

Finally finished the collab with Shige and Gogue last night. Did the lower burgundy chrysanthemum and my nipple, along with a few small touch ups.




There is so much in there that is interesting to look at that I can barely take it in. I keep seeing things I didn't see earlier every time I look at it. And getting your nips done makes you a hero in my book. 

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4 hours ago, SStu said:

@MoistTowelette EPIC. 

and a definitely appropriate circumstance where not tattooing the nipple would have looked odd. 

Whenever I would post the previous nipple pictures all my friends would bring up the nipple lol. It was never intended to do the nipple, but since I already did the other one I felt this one needed to be done to flow better 

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    • I don't get it either.  If anything, it gave me a sense of accomplishment and overcoming of anxiety, not creating it.  I think too many people today is the simplest things as the end of the world instead of just getting over it and going on with life.  Not to sound like an old fart, but I think too many people today don't know what real hardship really is.
    • As you might remember my story about almost 2 years ago and I want to thank you guys again for how much you've been uplifting me with your honesty and your words.  This post tattoo anxiety seems a very common thing. It hit me as well even though I was planning on getting a big one for many years.  Many people have contacted me and having those feelings seems to be a very common thing, there seems to be the same pattern that people are going through. it looks to me that nowadays people want to have a solution for everything immediately if they don't feel comfortable with something. People don't know how to be patient anymore and get rid of something if they don't like it. People compare themselves way too much with others as it's what social media does with many people's minds. There are quite a few reasons that I could write about regarding post tattoo anxiety and I was thinking about posting my experience here as so many people have been reaching out to me and I can see there seems to be a common psychological process (which maybe I will do if I find time to do so) Anyway:  I can assure to everyone with this anxiety: YOU WILL GET OVER THAT IT  and live will go on. It might take some time but you will get there. Don't be hard on yourself and even if right now you're having horrible panic attacks (which is a horrible feeling), it'll get less and you'll come to love your tattoo. It's a change you've done to your body and your mind now needs some time to adjust. Don't forget that you love tattoos and why you love them because this is why you decided to get them and it'll look great on you!    
    • I have been checking some review and got this "Numb 520 isn’t recommended for long sessions where you’ll need multiple reapplications every hour or so" I thought you may as well apply first layer later.... I have had a tattoo done on biceps and chest no relief from pain was needed(I'm not saying it didn't hurt as hell) but on my belly I just couldn't. I have read a bit how to help yourself,keep hydrated,get proper sleep,don't drink alko for 24hr,eat sweetes. Ibuprofen and aspirin thins your blood but paracetamol they say is safe to take is that true? The biggest problem is that my tattoo is done abroad during a holiday where I go only twice a year so not enduring a whole session is a big loss of time that's why I'm trying to get some advice how to help with the pain. Thanks. 
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