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@Cameron Jose Cute frog.

Had this done today by Grant Gebbie, owner of Cuba Street Tattoo in Wellington NZ - @ggtattooer on IG. Very stoked. 



Bought my girlfriend a birthday present too... a Cheeky Thigh-Leopard she fell in love with last time we were at the shop together, rarely seen this side of the Pacific. Done by Joe @jj_doom.


Shame you can't see his other paw here 'cause it looks like he's 'holding' her kneecap on both sides, cool placement.


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8 hours ago, Dan said:

cool tattoo for sure ! and I just watched Alien and Aliens the other night again,I love those movies.


Haha thanks. Yeah, i also recently rewatched all four Alien movies + AVP, but definitely the first two are my favourites. The other two are cool in their own rights, completely different but still did some stuff right. And AVP is, well, AVP. Cool alien designs though.

Also, the Ripley in panties would make a great pin-up girl i think :D

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1 hour ago, Hands On said:

@littlefox1970 that looks like it was painful as hell... you must've been in quite the meditative state!

i'm interested to see how it heals.

Yes indeed ... how it heals up will be the true measure of how well I've done.

The outline had me wishing it was over already when I was only halfway through, so I was expecting the coloring to be hell ... but it was less painful.  :)  Either way, admittedly not the most pleasant place to get a tattoo! lol

Focusing on doing good work probably helps alot ... 

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Went last night to have a peony recolored. It was done by a different artist a few years ago and everything else sort of grew up around it. Now it feels more like a part of the whole shebang and I love the purple. Husband had more work done on his tiger. We were supposed to go before Christmas and ended up w/another blizzard so we had to reschedule..just like last winter argh!

Also spent some discussion time w/my artist about continuing the wind/water theme elsewhere so I'm kinda excited about that.




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5 hours ago, Gingerninja said:

@Baboom Your photos look so freaking good. How's the healing going?

Healing has been phenominal! Yesterday marked the end of black and gray work. Knocked out the tiger strips as well. Next Week we start packing in color! We also finished shelling out our next project for my back. 6'3" there will be a lot of ground to cover.

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Tigress by Chris O'Donnell. There's no way that this photo does it justice! It wraps all the way around my thigh both front and back then up to my butt (and OMG, I love the tiger tail on my butt!). The photo looks a little distorted due to my inability to take a photo of it myself. Way up high, he tied in my existing peony with rocks and fngerwaves. It looks sweet.

Tiger Thigh.jpg

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    • Yeah, I have heard that as well. Tattoo laser removal definitely isn't something you'd want to do, I'd say it's one of the absolute last things you'd wanna do, actually. From what I've heard (no direct experience), the pain of the laser just doesn't compare to tattoo pain as it's on a whole 'nother level, it takes multiple sessions for the tattoo to really fade and because of how incredibly tough it is on your skin you need an interval of at least one month in-between sessions. That, and the thousands of dollars it can add up to...  My artist told me that she has advised customers to get one or two laser sessions done before cover-ups only a very few handful of times because of all the above cons to lasering, and even with them she suggested no more than one or two sessions just to extremely dark tattoos to lighten the slightest bit so it would be easier to then cover up - to get tattoo lines to fade "wholly" not infrequently takes years and like others already said, would still be visible anyway. 😅
    • I’m assuming. Definitely not an artist myself but I know scar tissue is permanent and once it’s there, there’s never erasing it. I’ve heard laser also hurts more than having the tattoo done itself sooo I’m not sure I’d personally be keen on that 😂
    • Thanks guys I’ll try to respond to this thread once it’s done 👍 (July 10th)
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