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Husband went back to get more work done Wednesday. His artist is now transitioning to doing mainly nipple tattoos in a medical center for breast cancer survivors. He will not be in the shop full time now, it will be more a part time (sounded *very* part time) side job, so my husband was frantic, wondering how he'd get his leg finished and what he would do for continued work in other areas and the artist was like Nah, now I just get to pick and choose what I want to do-and I want to do this, so you'll never have a problem getting in to see me!

The dragon will go on the calf and he's going to run it over the front of his leg, like his knee and bottom of his thigh there...I burst out laughing when he came home and told me that.





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Got a few more pieces from Tato Toby at Thank You Tattoo in Copenhagen today. He did the rose and the butterfly-demon today, and the smoking heart and the small fly about a month ago.

Lately I've been really drawn to these more loose, folk-ish styles of traditional tattooing. I'm not 100% sure what it is exactly, that does it for me, they just seem to possess some sort of hard-to-pinpoint naivety and sense of mystery and magic, that's really cool to me.

For these, I really like the use of blank space in both the rose and the butterfly - although I do realise, that I'm probably gonna get asked "when are you gonna get those finished?" more than once... :7_sweat_smile:


Photo borrowed from Toby's Instagram (@tatotoby).

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On 4/4/2017 at 5:36 AM, Manu Manu said:

@bongsau seems you had a lot of fun!

haha I sure did ! part of our responsibility as tattooed peoples to put the fun back in tattooing. people take this thing and themselves way to seriously.

the fun part was dropping trough on the stage and flexing (sticking out my belly) with the crowd whistling. then telling the judges how I'm still sour and felt robbed my bumblebee didn't win best smallest colour last year lol

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1 minute ago, Gingerninja said:

@tacifone LOVE! When do you go back for the color? Ribs are fun, no?

Thanks! And I'm Trying to go back in about a month for color if we can both find a spot but I'm not sure. And to be honest, I was expecting it to be worse than it was. It definitely hurt but I didn't think it was intolerable. 

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