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Hey @dan...

He did another piece for me a few years ago but I don't think that it had anything do to with getting in. I booked in with him last December when I dropped by for a consult. He offered to get me in earlier but I knew that I was already going to be in the city in April. Email chrisgarvertattoos@gmail.com. Jess, his assistant, is good at responding. He basically books three months in advance when he opens his books. He normally only books for three hour sessions, so know that going in.

He's truly amazing. He understands form, design, placement...everything. And he has a light touch. And he's fast. And he's super chill with a great sense of humor.


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So remember when I said I wouldn't be doing my other foot right away? Yeah, well. I've already pushed how much it hurt to the back of my mind. I'm waiting to hear back from Josh about when he can fit me in. Hahaha. :8_laughing:


@Gingerninja, I love that! Beautiful. Just like the wearer. :17_heart_eyes:

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Since it's Tattoo Tuesday, here's a sneak peek at a WIP by Grez. The outline is done for the entire piece but only got to finish the dragon kite. In June, we'll finish the rabbit, her kimono, the moon and the background. I know that everyone thinks that their tattoos are cool but I really do think this is super amazing! Grez took my random concept and executed it to perfection. The kite is so freakin' awesome. Love this guy!




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On 4/15/2017 at 2:25 PM, Slartibartfast said:

New to the site. Here is my latest. It took 6 hours and 45 minutes but got it all done in one. I think the artist did a great job and initially I was very positive about the piece. I really like some of the shaded area in the middle but am trying to warm up to the wings as they contrast a lot with my arm tattoos. I may even go back eventually to have less blank space between the feathers on the wings.  


I wouldn't do anything to this tattoo man, looks great. Who is the tattooer?

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    • Hello! A few months ago I found an eagle tattoo that I wanted to do but time past and I forgot about it. Now I can’t find it and would appriciate some help. The tattoo was of an whole eagle on the underarm. I think I found it on an instagram in USA. Would really appriciate if you could post it if you have any clue! Thanks in advance! :)
    • Hello everyone! Just had a question about a two month old, full color tattoo I have on my ankle. I was expecting fading over time, as it is full color, but this is a bit quick I think. I tried to follow healing instructions as closely as I could. Going for a touch up next month, but honestly scared that it will heal like this one did. Any advice on what to do next time or how this could've happened? First pic is from the day of, but i know it won't look that good again. Second pic is from today, after all peeling and initial aftercare and stuff. Thanks a bunch. 
    • Maybe you should ask the scratcher that did that to you ... in a very visible spot. If it's hot and oozing, then it's infected. I'd put antibiotic ointment on it and keep it covered.
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