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Latest tattoo lowdown.....

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22 hours ago, oboogie said:

I got a couple of little traditional flowers tonight. Got a few touch-ups, too. Started planning my forearm to finish out my right arm. Excited!


Awesome! What are you gonna put on the forearm? 

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Nush Turner, Black Market Tattoos, Leicester

No meaning, other than I love Japanese Mythological creatures (tho don't like the tattooing style on me). I asked for it to wrap around the forearm.

I asked for B&G with colour, it's a preference of mine at times, my ribs have that too

Thigh booked next & on Oddboy's list for next year




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On 9/25/2017 at 8:50 AM, kassandrac said:

Ended up getting tattood 2 weeks in a row, got the hourglass done by Jordyn at Classic Tattoo in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. My foot was done by Brittany at Inspiration Ink in Innisfail, Alberta, Canada.

So glad both of my feet are now done. I forgot how painful that was emoji23.pngemoji24.pngemoji23.png


I love these; am definitely going to get both feet done but not looking forward to that!
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