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Hi there guys, I am new to here and have just got my first tattoo. I have been meaning to get it for a few years now and finally felt it was justified on Christmas day. The only worry I have is that it is on my foot and I am a snowboarder. Usually up on the hill most days, I have held off it and not been since Christmas to give it a chance to heal. I am hoping to jump in to my boots tomorrow but am unsure if this putting it at risk of infection. Any advice is welcome as I am a novice. Also I have been washing it 1-2 times a day with natural soap and blotting on natural cream 2-3 times a day (Barefoot SOS) What do you guys suggest? Cheers :)

my toe.jpeg

Tattoo Cream.jpeg

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^ I'm going to take a wild guess and say that wasn't done in a shop. The overwhelming majority of tattoo infections come from the person administering it, especially in the case of tattoos given outside of a clean shop, or within the first couple days of having it when the skin hasn't scabbed yet. By this point, your skin has probably made enough of a protective barrier to ward off infections. I would just give it a good rinse after you're done so any sweat doesn't pile up on it and make the scabs slosh off. You want to leave the scabs alone until they fall off on their own.

I would suggest, as I do with everyone, decreasing your lotion. I only use tiny dabs of lotion maybe once every few days to make myself more comfortable as the tattoo gets dry and peels. That's really all the lotion does: it moisturizes to reduce itchiness and cracked skin. Your body can heal itself just fine and sometimes too much lotion can delay the healing process.

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First, thanks for comments etc re my last tattoo. Sorry not been about, crazy busy.

But got new tattoo today :) Done on my right knee by by Tommygunn, Belfast City Skinworks in Belfast, Northern Ireland. 

It is linked to Duriel, The Lord of Pain from Diablo. I slept during most of it. Also pics showing merge with other tattoos and finally the reference pic.






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Went back for another session today. Made great strides of progress. Shop was quiet on a weekday. I took the gang a box of hot wings and a chocolate cake. Artist thinks we need one more touch session after everything heals to get the final blending and shading. The areas near my armpits almost had me standing up. 

IMG_0537 2.jpg







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one more photo

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I don't think I've posted any of these:

Grim design by Morten Transeth at Blue Arms Tattoo in Oslo:


Morning star by Siggy from Death or Glory in CPH, done at Tattoo Nation in Kristiansand:


And a little dragons head by Hanse at Blue Arms Tattoo in Oslo- who is currently at Idle Hands in SF till the end of February.


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