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Needed some blood letting therapy this weekend ... caught my homie Richard Harding at Champion Tattoo (Edmonton, AB) just as he wrapped up another tattoo and he was quite agreeable to stay late on a Sunday to do this walk-in second layer tattoo for me:



spider shape is based off some old Pat Martyniuk flash, webbing was part draw on, part straight on with machine. we made waxed some ideads for some upcoming tattoo carnage. Turned out to be a really memorable Sunday evening.

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On 2/28/2018 at 9:21 PM, zetroc said:

Finished this one with the incredibly talented Kahlil Rintye at Tattoo City here in SF. It came to me in a dream of strange cities..

Cthulhu Rock of Ages, complete with fish-lady from Innsmouth wearing her sacred tiara. Photos don't do it justice. If you ever decide you need a large tattoo, I wholeheartedly recommend Kahlil for the job. 




ABSOLUTELY STELLAR! SO jealous yet so excited for next week to see him.

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    • Man, I wish! Maybe next year. 
    • that is a great looking tattoo. just leave it and learn from it, he (the fish monster) may remind you (in time) that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. here's an idea...put something bigger, brighter and more 'feminine' on the outside of the forearm to juxtapose and contrast the scary merman-monster...perhaps a elegant mermaid with flowing hair and a shimmering tail, tonnes of aqua blues and greens, with finger waves splashes wrapping around to the inside of the arm fading in and around the monster head. That gives you bright/feminine on the outside of the arm, dark/bold on the inside. but hey, you gotta send us a pic and give me an internet high-five if you use that idea ;) you'll figure it out, don't rush, good ideas come with time...cheers
    • hello @Jbrnes  i would suggest you just leave it. life is about learning. so what if the font/placement is slightly off ? the message likely is your truth (considering you're holding a baby in the picture!). so own it and don't live life with regret, it's too short and that is not what tattoo is about. if you dig the idea of a rose, put it on the other side. roses make great tattoos. but i think you can get more creative than that, especially in a visible place like the neck. get some other tattoos all over the body, each experience will guide and inform you. And yes, get a panther tattoo. Doesn't matter where. Just get one, you won't regret that !  
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