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Needed some blood letting therapy this weekend ... caught my homie Richard Harding at Champion Tattoo (Edmonton, AB) just as he wrapped up another tattoo and he was quite agreeable to stay late on a Sunday to do this walk-in second layer tattoo for me:



spider shape is based off some old Pat Martyniuk flash, webbing was part draw on, part straight on with machine. we made waxed some ideads for some upcoming tattoo carnage. Turned out to be a really memorable Sunday evening.

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On 2/28/2018 at 9:21 PM, zetroc said:

Finished this one with the incredibly talented Kahlil Rintye at Tattoo City here in SF. It came to me in a dream of strange cities..

Cthulhu Rock of Ages, complete with fish-lady from Innsmouth wearing her sacred tiara. Photos don't do it justice. If you ever decide you need a large tattoo, I wholeheartedly recommend Kahlil for the job. 




ABSOLUTELY STELLAR! SO jealous yet so excited for next week to see him.

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I had another session on my Asian tiger half sleeve last Friday to do the shading.  Still really happy with it and my choice of artist.  I also determined from that appointment that 4 hours at a time is as much as I want to do.  Really looking forward to adding the color and finishing up in 3 weeks.


Tiger shading.jpg

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My two days old tattoo, i'm really excited for it, love it!
I did it on my "virgin" leg, as i want to dedicate this leg to this style of line work tattoo :)
As a note, on my left leg i have colour neo traditional tattoos, on my left arm realism black&grey and on my right arm colour realism. I like a lot of styles apparently :)

Done by Rares.


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    • send us a link to your artist
    • One thing not to worry about is "being unique"....unless you or your artist just rips off another persons work, your tattoo will be unique. The classics are the classics for a reason. Have you considered a Battle Royale? A bit of a different take on the meanings but could be cool (do an internet search). Or if you are religious, maybe a Rock of Ages. I am throwing some classic ideas out just for fun.  What style are you considering?
    • Well i had that in mind actually, the problem is i can't find any good symbols that mirrors the words. 🤨

      Wisdon is easy = Owl.. 
      Truth, might be scale or something, but i think a scale is more of Justice.. 
      Honor, that' hard.. Maybe an animal, a Lion? 
      Compassion, hmmm a Rose? 
      Loyalty is hard to put into an image too.. :/ 
      Courage. that could actually be more like a symbol of mind because courage comes from sub-counciousness  :D 

      Oh. and the texts are not supposed to be in one big pile like in the picture i added. They will be split up, Honor, truth and loyalty will come near each other, 
      Compassion and wisdom are a pair, and Respect and courage a pair. 

      Or if im boring i will just list them on my back (joking) , because those texts or symbols to them are what i want. 
      They mean so much to me. There is always room ro fill in with something later. 
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