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"Modern Artists Tattoos"

Jaycel Adkins

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Saw this on the Daily Beast....honestly, after seeing the tattoos, I'm like, '....fucking whatever.'

Garage Magazine

Controversial Contemporary Tattoos

Aug 31, 2011 11:30 AM EDT

Artist Damien Hirst designed a tattoo for one woman’s vagina for a photo spread in the new Garage magazine. See exclusive (NSFW) pictures of tattoos by contemporary artists from John Baldessari to Jeff Koons. By Isabel Wilkinson.

Hanging a Damien Hirst painting on your wall—or visiting it in a museum—is one thing. Getting a Hirst tattoo on your vagina is quite another. But that’s what 23-year-old Shauna Taylor did when she agreed to get a butterfly tattoo from the artist on her crotch for a spread in Garage magazine, the new art and fashion bible from art collector (and former Pop magazine editor) Dasha Zhukova, which hits newsstands next week.

The black-and-white image appears on the cover of the magazine—with a butterfly sticker hiding Taylor’s tattoo. “Peel slowly and see,” it reads. Inside, a photo spread titled “Inked” has been making headlines for its controversial subject matter: well-known contemporary artists including Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, and John Baldessari designed tattoos for a series of “willing canvases”—an assortment of young men and women who were recruited for the project. They gathered in Los Angeles to be photographed by Hedi Slimane, former designer of Yves Saint Laurent and Dior Homme. The result is a series of expressive black-and-white portraits of the sitters and their tattoos. Prince’s signature smiley face was tattooed on Conrad Lochner, a 31-year-old from New York. AJ English, a 24-year-old model living in L.A., got a Raymond Pettibon on his bicep. Leaf Chang, 30, received a Jeff Koons tattoo across his chest—and artist Dinos Chapman tattooed his own right arm with the text “I’m With This Idiot.”

The project raises questions about the permanency of contemporary art. “What are they worth? Something more than the skin on their backs?” asks Garage’s Becky Poostchi. In an art market so volatile that one year a blue-chip artist can run cold, committing to a tattoo from a “hot” artist seems like the ultimate investment. The sketches for the tattoos (which were given to tattoo artists in London, Los Angeles, and New York) are now themselves valuable works of art; many are now the property of the Gagosian Gallery. Slimane’s photographs in Garage are highly artistic—but they also serve as documentation for a project that is, despite its permanency, entirely fleeting. After all, Taylor’s going to pull up her pants, Lochner’s going to put on his shirt—and the public will never see these pieces of art again.

Would you want a tattoo by a famous contemporary artist? For Taylor, the answer was a definite yes. “I would have been stupid not to be part of this project,” she said, explaining: “I have a piece of art on my vagina. Not one single person can ever say they gave birth through a Damien Hirst piece of art. I can [if I ever give birth].” And it’s clear she’s proud of her new acquisition: Taylor reportedly showed the tattoo to Hirst after the work was done—and then promptly threw a garden party to celebrate it.

Garage is available at select newsstands on Sept. 5 and will retail for $19.99.

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I mean, I suppose it'd be cool to have a tattoo drawn by Paul McCartney, if the design didn't suck, but I think I'd much rather have a cup of coffee with him. Or more preferably, a dress designed by his daughter.

i thought it was drawn by Paul McCarthy, who is a very different person and makes crazy weird videos (and gives interesting lectures).

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    • I was prepared for my knee ditch to be a tough spot to heal. I was not prepared for it to get INFECTED! Ugh. Fortunately, I sought medical care as soon as something seemed amiss: abnormal redness around the tattoo about a week out from getting it done, and the worst tattoo itchiness I’ve ever experienced (I actually thought I’d gotten a mosquito bite ON the fresh tattoo at first.) I’ve been on antibiotics for a few days and it hasn’t drastically improved, but the itchiness has subsided and at least it doesn’t appear to be getting worse. And the tattoo still seems to be healing normally. Not sure where I went awry with this healing as I babied this tattoo more than any of my others. I only washed twice a day instead of three, but I also wasn’t leaving the house at all and had it exposed to air almost constantly. *shrug* I emailed my artist and the shop just to give them a heads up, which I felt kind of weird about but they should know, right? I don’t actually think I picked this up at the shop, but couldn’t hurt for them to give everything a nice once over with disinfectant, yeah? Anyway, this first picture is some mild redness, the second is the worsening redness one day later that prompted me to go to urgent care. The second is a couple days later. Looks about the same currently…really hoping to see more significant improvement soon.  
    • Hi there! So I just got two tattoos last night, one on top of each other. The one on the top seems pretty normal to me, it’s red and is a little uncomfortable like any other tattoo, but the one below that one is more red, has some bruising it looks like? The skin is tighter and it stings a little bit more than the one above it. Now I don’t know if it’s because of the placement, because maybe that one was more over worked than the other one? I know it is still very new and fresh, but my other tattoos have not reacted this way but I’m wondering if maybe because it’s in my arm? And the stinging feeling feels like sun burnish, but only on the bottom one. Does anyone have any advice for me??!
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