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We were in Philly... At Mr. Perfect's Kadillac Duece... Now we are in Washington D.C. at Jinx Proof thru Wednesday of this coming week...

We'll be back in Jacksonville. Florida by the end of that week... So holler at me if you wanna schedule something. . . I guess I'll just keep updating this thread as we come and go... seems the gypsy life is how we are rolling right now... and can't complain life could always be worse...

I am soo tired though, missing my bed really bad right now.

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Oh yeah... we're back in JAX Beach..... If you wanna get work, holler, we get cabin fever and take off after about 10 days.... I know there are 3, wait 4 back pieces needing sittings, and a few other things walking around needing finishing.... So, holler at me here, or Call Live Wire Tattoo Direct to set up an appt.

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Update.... Sorry I have been out of touch, life demanded I put the MAC away..... We are in Los Angeles, CA.... At the moment, True Tattoo doing Friday the 13th Tattoos, and then we have appointments at Spotlight tomorrow, and Sunday, then flying back out to Dallas, to do some routine work on big stuff, and anything else that may pop up, and probably back to Austin, TX to go to the Sign Painters Show going on at a gallery down there....

Then Houston to work and take care of some old family business that needs to be dealt with.... Then San Antonio, either before or after the West Texas Tattoo Convention in San Angelo... in Feb. The SLC tattoo convention in March.... And Back out to Immaculate in Mesa at some point in all that so Richard and Aaron can work on this book project in works....

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Nope not sad at all, you know how many people just want to hang to get tattooed, or climb some non existent social ladder? .... It's weird and not in a good way.

And we only shit talk strangers that ask for it one way or another, and besides we're merely taking a break from self loathing to get a chuckle...

EMAIL sent.

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@embers , You're like the 3 or 4th person to think we are going to musink? Do they have us on a roster? and No... Um, I can ship you one... let me know.

Right now, we're in San Angelo, TX about to get set for the West Texas Tattoo Convention.... He's got spots open everyday, and Sunday fully open, had a whole days worth of tattoos cancel on him. Really getting tired of holding time open only to get the news via fuckbook or whatever that it's not going to happen.

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So... I woke up in Reno this morning...

We're working thru this weekend, at Triumph Tattoo on 2nd Steet by appointment only.... The Lady Luck Convention happens this weekend, we'll prolly go and check it out, I see that Sylvia has a booth and Richard mentioned going to see him...

SLC was good as usual, we kept low key, as we had some logistics issues regarding prints... But the after parties were pretty bad ass from what I know and heard...

Pushead was hanging out at the shop one night... NBD...

FML, I missed that part. Is mercury in retrograde or something?

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    • Who knows! It hurt a lot though, so I'm not sure if I want to do it again. This piece took me about 6 hours of tattooing plus one hour consult/aftercare. I'm super happy with it! (I hope pictures are okay in this thread, though it looks more crisp IRL)
    • You have more of a chance of F***ing it up than making it better if you start monkeying around with it. Go see a really good artist to get some ideas of what to add around it. There's nothing wrong with that tattoo. 
    • I'm healing a back of calf, about half in the ditch right now myself. Thin, tender skin. I don't see anything that looks like an infection.
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      I am writing because the Baltimore Convention is this weekend and I am really not excited about it in the least! I will probably go tomorrow night for about 2 hours just to say hi to people only because it is my hometown convention and I want to see if there is any decent art I can pick up but like I said....not excited about the convention....only about seeing a few people I don't see too often!
      Now...Troy runs some really good shows so that's not it....and I was stoked about Philly because there were a few people there I wanted to get tattooed by.....BUT I used to want to go see my friends at shows....say some flash or art....and then hang out even if I didn't get tattooed! Now it seems....for me at least....the vibe is different and I am not as stoked about going!
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