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my names mike ,im part owner of performance tattoo in fort bragg nc. im kinda fat,kinda lazy, and like to sleep alot ,lol. anyways great site . looking forward to visiting alot.

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hey mike, are we long lost twins? i like to sleep alot also, just dont get to do it much with babies.

welcome to last sparrow tattoo...

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Mike, thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself and set up your profile with us at Last Sparrow Tattoo. Hope you'll enjoy your visit and contribute to this new project we are having a blast with!

Until then....


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    • Heres 3 that have tattooed me recently (ish) and are selling stuff (I've put in orders to Elharper and Swearjar- Ben is doing Vans) - UK based of course. And... Ive attached a 3 years (give or take a month) photo of one of my magpies by Mr Dunning  - just done on the right - today on the left - yes I know it's the wrong way round Actually  - while none of us is getting tattooed - how about a pic of your favourite that you have had inked  (or favourites that you have had inked) and a link to Instagram for the artist  (or artists) what do you reckon?🙂
    • My appointments with Garver and Rubendall were cancelled. Blah. That being said, I do have a cool commission happening. 🙂
    • Just get it touched up again.
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