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New to the forum, latest ink


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Hello everyone, new to the forum and here’s my latest after a 30 year wait!


any thoughts on my new ink are appreciated. I am super critical of anything I get done on myself so I guess I’m just looking for information and validation.

it’s healing great. A little dark but I think it will brighten up at the end.

thank you for any replies and reading this far 🙂




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Thanks sir.

it’s healing very well so his work with my skin was very clean and precise. No scabs to speak of just peeling and itchy.

the tone of my skin doesn’t help as my forearms are very dark.


I will post up fully healed in a couple weeks.

 Thanks so much for your input. 
You never really know how an idea on paper will look on skin…

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23 hours ago, Hogrider said:

The hood is the same tone as the  cloak, and the wings, and the sword and the skin. Very monotonal. And the top of the sword gets lost in the face and whatever is going on there. I’d be interested to see how it looks when it’s healed.

Agree. It looks very one-tone. I am not a fan, but if you like it, that's all that matters. 👍

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3 hours ago, Blue Tattoo said:

Came out nice, that's some clean lettering.

Thanks @Blue Tattoo

i just sent a couple pics to the artist and wants me to return next week and make another appointment. He wants to push more white into a few areas like the cross on the sword and a few other points to make things pop. He is a great guy been tattooing with an accredited shop for over 20 years.

im going to add more script down my wrist and a cross up top between the wings with some rays of light coming through.

im excited about the journey of adding to it a piece at a time. 


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On 11/25/2022 at 11:33 AM, AlH said:

Stopped in at the shop yesterday to make an appointment for touch up and plan out some more work.

Tim looks at my healed tat and says let’s liven that up right now.

He pushed some white into just the right spots.

Have a peek.D3CD33C0-4B64-4E84-94EF-E720A1C75D0D.thumb.jpeg.09d7d266984cb061f506b96172a08726.jpeg

That made a difference on the hood and the robe around the sword. 

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