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Hello from the Arctic Circle


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Good day everyone, I am so happy to have found this place.

I guess I should start with a little about me... I will try to keep it short, I tend to talk a lot :)

Name is Craig and I live in Resolute Bay, Nunavut in Canada's high arctic. About 600 miles north of the Arctic Circle. Been working in the school here going on 8 years. This is our last year this far north as we got a 18 month old boy now and he needs to be closer to family

As for ink, I have some simple script on my wrist "baby steps"

I had a small spider on my chest and a BAD band of dragonflies that I got from flash at a street shop on my right bicep :(

I had both of those covered up with a dragon half sleeve and chest plate.

I went years between the dragonflies and the dragon because I could not find an artist that I trusted. I now preach to all my students NOT to rush a tattoo. My recent work was done at Trouble Bound Studios in Newfoundland, which is where I am from and spend my summers. Pics will follow I promise when I get my good wife to take some for me.

Anyway I have been hanging out on twitter a while now @str8edg and was directed here. I am planning some more work and guess I need some guidance. Before I start spouting off questions I will dig in the archives a little and see what I can see.

Thats enough from me for now, thanks for reading... if you did :)

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@hogg yes, that is exactly how I answer the phone... sheesh

Haha, just kidding, of course. I had never heard that term until a few weeks ago, when a Canadian buddy of mine told me about a certain Newfie friend of his who was forever confusing him with local dialect.

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Omg do people really live in igloos??? Do you eat whale blubber??

Hahha just kidding I'm Canadian too. I live in ontario and still get igloo questions from Americans sometimes. They're always so shocked to hear they are real and still used to this day.

Have you seen anyone in Nunavut doing inuit style tattooing? By that I mean the traditional 'sewn' method, where they dip thread in ink and pass it trough the skin with a sewing needle. I've always thought it was really interesting but haven't seen much info on it.

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@ursula I have not seen it done, but some of the older women (tattoos were mostly for women) with traditional tattoos.

No to the Igloos, but I have seen them built and we build them in school

yes to whale blubber, it's called muktuk and it's not bad, but not real good.

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    • Hi all, I am new in this industry and i would like to know if there is any platform only for professionals to find guest spots, long term work etc... even for tattoo owners studios to publish job offers for artists. I would like to fins a platform like Linkedin but only for tattoos professionals. HOnestly i do not like to use instagram or facebook for professional stuff and for example tattoodo is more to find clients not offers to work in studios or offers jobs if i am a owner.   Said that i really appreciate you support on it.   Thanks in advance and apologies if i make a mistake on where to posrt my concern   Best, John
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