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Suggestion for tattooers of LST

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well id hope it would just be made available for tattooers. mostly posting pictures of tattoos. like Mr. Hambone, I too would like to get feed back from some of the all stars that peruse this site and from any other tattooers as well. It is hard to get honest feedback from co-workers sometimes. It would be nice to get fresh take on stuff I am doing from other artists, and from what knowledge I do have, I'd love to help other tattooers out with my opinions if they want them. Its all about growth to become the best we can be at we do and that takes asking questions and accepting help.

The only concern I have with something like this is people getting roasted... which is defiantly needed sometimes... but getting upset. From what I can tell we all get along here and I'm hoping that vibe won't change if something comes into effect. Im hoping for friendly criticism/suggestions.

I know sometimes people don't like giving advice as well... which I understand, trying to protect the trade, that is fine. But if that is the case I'd hope they just would stay out of it instead of posting and being rude about it.

Thats my thoughts about it...

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i personally think its a good idea if people can keep the comments to a productive fashion. whether this is possible i don't know? but its what i'm looking for on here. i think people can all use a different set of eyes on their designs, and different direction. so if you guys want to do it i'm in just don't let your feelings get hurt and don't make it personal. i have worked with some people who have lacked the verbal tacked need to be productive in this situation. but i have learned anyways just a little bitterly. haha

thanks scott

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I think for now just post it as a thread in the Tattoo Design section, maybe just specify in your post that it's for other tattooers to check out. If some unwanted stuff starts happening, we could move it to "the club" section, which we haven't used yet. Right now, I think it'd be good to keep it public if you guys are all okay with that, maybe more green tattooers would also benefit from the discussions?

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Good afternoon everyone. It appears there is a strong desire for this so how about until/if we add a separate section start posting them in the "Tattoo Design" section like Shane did earlier. I really enjoyed his post and hope more will appear like it. Here it is if you haven't seen it:


If we do add a separate section it'll be a few simple clicks to move them around. If I could ask please place the name of the image in your thread you start in the Tattoo Designs so it'll be easily located and accessed by everyone. Lastly, as for the constructive criticism I think/hope we've started a good arena for that though if we, the ones who started the site, see anything not constructive we may delete that post. Tammy, can weigh in more on this as she know best how to put it.

Let it begin and thanks for the great idea and everyone who weighed in on this.

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