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New York Shop with Chinese Style?


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It seems I've already made a fair share of enemies here with my stance on tattooers with little to no tattoos and my post-whoring to reach the point I could ask this question, and I would like to apologize to any that I offended and ask that you not hold it against me now.

My question is, I am new to New York City, and am seeking assistance finding a shop (or specific artist) that does (or you think could do) Chinese style art. Specifically, I am looking for someone who can pull off an original design in this style for a half sleeve;


Thank you.

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You need to learn how to use the search feature. This question has been answered before. Look up Japanese + NY and I'm sure you'll find the thread. And yes I know you said Chinese but it's pretty much the same thing in this instance.

How do you use that feature,I'd like to know too.

And Dana left Adorned last year i believe,and is back in Maryland.

Also check out David & Rodrigo@ Welcome to North Star Tattoo

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