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( anyones name mentioned here..i do not want my work to reflect on them so know if it is fucked up..it is because i did so of my own free will...with that noted...

Ok i thought i should post a tattoo or two since i been running my keyboard(mouth) on yer forum.....Anyway old friend of mine sang in Punk rock band from SF verbal abuse for a number of years..snotty Scotty...well we were kids together in early LA punk rock...Starwood etc.. Scott.he used to call hisself loner..so we have been slowly filling up his arm( for over 25 years mind you)....I did a bob shaw cobra girl and some of bob Roberts daggar snake thang etc.....well anyway he wanted a lone wolf...after i showed him a few and thought if anyone should have one he should

now I have never been as good at drawing originals as robbing people for theirs...so i looked at Rollos and loikas,one of Aaron colemans too and Mike wilson recently texted me a beautiful one he had done....


Scott wants a derby...so the first one i drew i sent to Mike and he told me to do the hair thinner so it does not look like a dragon...like the one above....and to correct this and that...and also isn't it all about "why grandma what big ears(teeth,nose etc...) you have ...when one does a wolf one should keep that in mind..no???so note the different ear sizes from first drawing to next one....

anyway i redrew it to look like this as scott did not want the chicks leg(Mike wilson suggested that the leg was too small anyway and looked like an afterthought)I know scott likes girls as much as the next fella...(he is married to kelly Doyle who ran that cosmetic tattooing thing with patty in OC many moons ago....and is own of my wifes best friends....we have all known each other since early 80s...)goddamn i talk alot ANYWAY HE DID NOT WANT TO CONVEY PUSSY ON THE BRAIN SO WE THREW THE LEG OUT...


again I really like not having to draw...stencil jockeying it....anyway so Scott comes up I show him mine(i have a brokedown one scott sterling did i me that rollo painted and we settled on kinda one inbetween...I tried to put a leather jacket collar on him(with LA germs capri blue edge but a Verbal abuse button)...this is a pic of it not healed and bloody....


You can click on the pics to see bigger..i posted them bigger but they were so big that there is no way i am gonna put them online that big..not my tattoos anyway

PS I did not know if this is where it belonged(tattoo designs) i just wanted to show a small evolution and my ass to other tattooers....(which i guess could be a small evolution in itself..depending....

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I think the final product is confusing to say the least. I'd suggest to pay less attention to finer details next time like the whiskers and the "crack" in the derby and spend more time doing a 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th draft: as many drafts as it twkes to eliminate any of the confusing parts of it before attempting it on skin. Also, my mantra is that no ink is usually better than white ink: the big field in his snout is going to be a disappopintment as it ages.

And hey- friendly critiques abound here. I think it twkes a pretty strong person to put up their work for the public to comment on! Good on you dude

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here is the one scott (sterling did on me)I am pretty sure the lone wolf thing was a tex avery thing..I am not sure when it became so common on tattoo flashbut i would say it is a world war 2 design...most of the cartoons were...

some were earlier....

Like hot stuff (which is my favorite design) first appeared in the 1870s on underwood deviled ham. He too was a tex avery..at least the 1936 merrie melodie "dont look now" but the one we do as tattooers is the Harvey comics one.

Well lone wolf is from basically the same place. those cartoons were shown to military personnel before newreels and movies and the wolf is this dapper guy...usually with a pencil moustache and then when he sees a chick he turns wild...going from walking on twoo legs to four ...tongue hanging out eyes bugging etc....so you know some navy or marin or army guys are out drinking stumble into a tattoo shop and describe this wolf they have seen how their buddies say the wolf is like them etc.......a tattooer investigates draws it and over time it spreads like a plague(beautiful plague)

The difference today is i have a friend that has a shop outside a big base and when busloads of veterans come back he calls me and we work for 20 hours sometimes anyway...the big difference is none of them want a standard devil dog....or a eagle globe and anchor...they all want it customized....and that gets a little tedious when you have 20 guys waiting....they get meattags now and memorial tattoos..but not soldiers graves mind you....

I have some other ones around here..old ones( ones others have drawn that i would rather do) but i will have to dig them out for you guys to see....

I try tracing designs back...and alot of the cartoon ones go straight to Tex avery...however some( like hotstuff) go furthur.My first shop tattoo was a hotstuff done by Bob shaw...30 years ago.....So i now have quite a few on me.

and do not worry about the critiques...If i have not learned by now that i am not the greatest tattooer and all that matters is the if the customer leaves happy and you feel like you did the best you could then i should quit. But thanks for saying that Lizzie if it were my choice i would use anyones but mine but they all want that custom touch....

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thanks for putting yourself out there. hopefully other people will do it. we can all use help and the worst thing a tattooer can ever do is think they actually got it!!!! that they have the answers. this is a destination and there are thousands of roads that get us there. mine revolves around constant drawing....everyday since 1989. if you spent e week drawing wolves, the tex avery kind you will nail them. mike wilson does it. at least when he would stay at my house when i worked at 222. he spent an entire trip drawing dragon heads, then the next one onto some other thing, and so on and so on until now he doesn't have to think about it anymore.

thanks again,


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thanks for saying that scott...Mike had sent me a an incredibly sick one...It would not matter if i copied it line for line...some of you guys are just extremely talented.....Mike has been so helpful to me...I would post his but it is not my place to do so...never anything but constuctive criticism...you guys are an example to follow....thanks for having me....

I really like this forum....we need more like this...

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in my humble opinion...the wiskers get lost in the design a bit/to small,not long enough

..the cig is way to small..i didnt see it the first few times i looked at it..

..the "lips" around the mouth are kinda wierdand hard to see

..and the eye ball behind the cheek just bugs me..me personally would have thrown them out like the old crazy wolfs in the cartoons...which i just found out are the tex avery reference you mentioned...4732613854_3a611969a3_z.jpg

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Thanks for the input i will keep it in mind....not justifying..(well maybe a little)yeah well it was one of those typical..i do not want a cig holder..i want a butt....I want a fucked up Derby...I want a stink eye,not popping eyes...so i took the stink eye directly off Loikas,the whiskers were stolen from mike wilsons,etc....of course theirs hit the mark..mine is imitation

I rarely do custom stuff....and I rarely have more than a few minutes to plan stuff as i have always been big on walk ins....I would lose my mind if i had to have appts. I always laugh when customers come in and ask how long of a wait do i have.....if they want it today..they will get it today..at least started...That was just the way i was taught the 3 questions...do you want it today...where do you want it and how much do you want to spend...that is becoming a lost art.....and besides if i redraw it it only gets worse and worse....

I do this shit for a livin...I have seen (lately ) so many guys feet up on their station..its noon...customer wants something...whatever they even bring the pattern and they say I have an appt. at 3:300 pm i cannot do it...

I realize planning is huge..do not get me wrong.....I just think we have almost become a parodies of ourselves...

I stay incredibly busy and here I get the go see Shane..he will do it today...crowd..anyway

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Shane, what happen to your great photos? We enjoyed them?????

Here's a post Steve wrote on uploading photos directly to the site incase anyone doesn't want to host them elsewhere as other sites policies and links and yadayada can change causing photos/articles to disappear.


How to upload/attach images to your posts

It's not painfully obvious, so here is a quick tutorial on how to add images that live on your computer to your posts:

1. When replying to a thread, click the 'Go Advanced' button next to the 'Post Quick Reply' button at the bottom of the page.

2. Click the little paper clip icon - this is the icon that indicates attachments.

3. You should see a little pop up box titled 'Manage Attachments'.

4. Click the 'Browse' button next to any of the ten fields.

5. Browse to and select the image file you'd like to upload from your computer.

6. You can select up to ten images per upload batch.

7. Click the 'Upload' button.

8. Click 'Close this Window'.

9. You should now see your image files listed down the page below the text box where you are typing your post.

10. You can select 'manage attachments' if you'd like to add more. You can attach up to 20 images per post.

11. Once you submit your new post, you should see thumbnails of all of the images you have attached. Click on the thumbnail to see the full size version.

*Note that you also have the option to link to images that live on other websites such as flickr by selecting the little image icon and entering the URL to the image - this is available from the 'quick reply' editor, without having to select 'Go Advanced'.

Let us know if you have further questions, or are running into errors or problems when attaching images.


Thanks and keep the tattoo pictures and stories coming!!

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