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I visited LST a few times but joined up after watching the Dringenberg vid. I've been in the business 20 years...actually owned my own studio for 20 years. You see some changes in those years and it is kinda hard to stay positive and enjoy the industry when it has become so cheap and commercial. Everyone who picks up a tattoo machine robs some magic from the craft. I did 20 years ago! and so did the guys 20 years before me. The trouble is there is no real magic left in it. There is talent, yes; and there are all sorts of creative juices flowing. There is also an endless wave of people sucking the blood out of the craft and giving nothing back. But the magic is gone. Older guys and people who know tattooing

will know exactly what I mean by that.

There are days I hate tattooing and the industry and days i just love it.

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It's not completely gone. I have been to places it still exists... It's a vibe.

Those shops are the places I think of, and draw my hope for the future. It's not just the shop either.... it's the chemistry of the crew inside the place that makes the mood, and sets the tone, which makes the magic happen.

Some days I hate life in general. But I dunno... Doesn't everyone?

For the most part I try to remind myself, it's a blessed-charmed life we lead in a jaded sort of way, there's a lot of freedom, but that's a double edged sword...

I have been doing a lot of thinking, and yeah, it's all appeared to become shit, but there's still the few circles of comrades, that I draw my inspiration and try to absorb the magic when around them...

I've only been working in or around a shop, since I was 18... a measly 11 years. But it's the faith a couple people have in me, (one in particular), that's what gets me to pull my head out of my ass and keep my chin up, and keep going. Learn the lessons good and bad, eyes open mouth shut, and mind open.

Welcome to the site sir... I have stumbled upon some magic here: Kore Flatmos Interview really struck a good chord, I listened to it three times already while working on other stuff and it gave me some goose bumps listening to him talk about tattoos.

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