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MSM doing a good piece on tattoos!?!

Jaycel Adkins

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The Atlantic Magazine, just put up a 'piece' about tattoos from around the world.

I like it because it's just pretty much pictures of tattoos with captions about them, rather than boring blocks of text.

Thinks there is something there for everyone to either Love or Hate, which is right way to go.

I don't know what everyone else will think, but I thought it was well done.

Here's the link:

Tattoos - Alan Taylor - In Focus - The Atlantic

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I'm not as easily disturbed as I used to be, but I saw her and just scratched my head and sighed.

But the overall presentation is cool like that, lots of different takes, rather than just being pigeon holed into a stereotype, they are there, but so is alot else.

But yeah, no offense meant to anyone, but she creeped me out, too.

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@Jaycel Adkins, I probably feel the same way. I dont know that I am disturbed by someone like that as much as I dont understand it. I see and know a lot of tattooed people and see and know a lot of people who have a very non-mainstream style of dress but I dont often see and dont know anyone with the huge implant stuff. I mean, I see some strange piercings but those horns are certainly a statement.

I like to think I am more and more open to differences the older I get but that level of modification baffles me. Maybe I am old enough to be accepting but too old to understand.

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