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@Jake - Thats awesome. Any chance you could get a photo of Ol' Dirty (R.I.P Dirt Mcgirt aka Big Baby Jesus aka Osirus aka...) or the Nabor (sooooo using that from now on) who wrote that? Thanks in advance ;)

P.s You know anything about the golf ball incident/s?? lol

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I can still barely spell the real "nabors" properly.

ironically, its i before e except in words like neighbor and weigh...at least thats the little thing they taught us in school to remember. that said, i usually just say the people next door.

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    • Stop using lotion. Within 48 hours you should notice a difference. lotion should be used as sparingly as possible, and it is usually the cause of people's worry. Too much lotion can breed bacteria. Let it dry out. Itching is normal.  Itch next to it, or tap it... don't itch it directly. If the issue worsens, go to see your doctor for anti-biotics. As for it being raised... leave it alone and look at it again after 3 weeks. If it is still raised after the scab has gone, use cocoa butter daily for a few weeks. Don't over-wash the tattoo... you don't have to stop using soap... keep it clean like you would normally.  If you get sweaty, take a shower, if you get dirt or mud on it... wash it.  Don't rub it in dog poo ect...  
    • The lines within look kinda faded also.
    • I'm not sure beacuse my tattoo is 2 years old and still raised
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