Obscene Tattoos

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I would really love to know what ink he uses? I wanna buy some! I think that black is probably called "photoshop in a bottle", but I'm not sure because I can't find it anywhere on Google! TROLOLOLOLOL

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Yeah, Woody does tattoos, but he's more of a cartoonist. The interviewer isn't the only twat in the frame.

So a famously publicity hungry tattooer, who's notoriously fond of gimmicks invests in a super-deluxe tattoo removal lazer. Because he had virtually no tattoos already, he tattoos deliberately inflammatory statements on himself then does a photo shoot and speaks to every interviewer who'll listen.

No prizes for guessing what publicity grabbing event happens next...

Yeah, this is the same tattooer who called a client and offered to tattoo the Jacko arrest photo with the words "Peado Cunt" FOR FREE.

Although the client was a fool to accept the offer, he was a young student with little money who liked tattoos. Who, in that situation would refuse a funny, free tattoo? That client has since had a massive coverup of a traditional eagle.

Woody also tattoos drunk metalheads for free at the UK Download festival.

I'm a tattooer. Woody does tattoos.

We are not doing the same thing. Irresponsible is the kindest thing I can say about his work and work ethic.

Channel hopping and came across a show called ''My tattoo addiction''. Anyway this Woody character you speak of was featured on the show (along with his offense tattoos), doing and I quote ''his most offensive design to date''. Some equally idiotic fool agreed to let Woody do a large leg piece of Hitler holding up a gas bill... They (as in the people in the shop,co-workers mostly) had a great laugh outta it but I suppose they would... Irresponsible beyond belief. When the client was questioned why he agreed to such an offensive tattoo, he responded ''Woody done me a few favors and wanted to repay him by letting him tattoo whatever he wants''... The mind boggles..

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It's such a shame when the only attention certain people can get is for being an absolute twat and not being really fucking good at something. Luckily, I think the people that matter usually know the difference.

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