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Just reviving this thread. Anyone know if Jef is still at Taylor St?

According to a small amount of internet research...yupper dude.

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He is at Taylor Street still. I tried reaching him via email 2 months back for something and never heard back. I'm assuming the dude's just busy. I've hit Taylor Street a few times in the last 6 months for work and have only seen him there maybe once. I should have asked then. As someone said to me recently "he's a tough dude to nail down" for sure.

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Jef Whitehead has been a huge inspiration. His tattoos are bold, strong and just badass. In Tattoo Artist Narratives by Horiyuki, theres a really cool short interview. And did a documentary on him about a year ago call One Man metal.One Man Metal | VICE United States

Yea I actually posted that in the thread. Pretty cool stuff.

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I will say, for someone who applies intense and powerful tattoos visually, mine was the least painful tattoo I ever had. I had him do a skull on my upper left thigh.

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Funny to see this thread pop up. The other night I saw a buddy who had his back outlined by Whitehead when he was in Chicago. Unfortunately due to travel/email miscommunication/timing/etc, it's still just an outline years later. Kind of a bummer to see. Hopefully someday he gets it finished.

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