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Is this this tattoo acceptable? I'm inexperienced so any advise please


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Hello. I wonder if any tattoo artists or people who have lots of tattoos can help me with a question I have about a recent tattoo that I've had done. I got this tattoo on the 7th of September 2023 it is a fine line tattoo and it cost me £300. 


Initially, when the tattoo was first done it looked fantastic and I was very happy with it. However, after three weeks, it faded considerably even though I followed all the skin care advised. I went back to have a touch up done which was very rushed and almost felt I was inconveniencing the artist for going back. Once it was done I still wasn't satisfied as she had barely touched it. After a debate I went back again for a second touch up on the 23 November which the artist didn't charge for.


Today (22nd January 2024) This is what the tattoo looks like. This is after the first initial tattoo and 2 touchups after. My question is, is this tattoo acceptable? The artist said that because it was fine line and small in area it would fade more but I don't understand how that is possible because the same thing would apply to a larger tattoo as well that's fine line. Also, if it prone to fading then why agree to do it in the first place? Is she just making excuses or is she legit? I'm not completely sure as I've only got 2 other tattoos and they aren't fine line so can't compare to anything atm.


After some conversation with other people I have also have found out that £300 is a bit steep for the tattoo. I initially agreed on £300 because I thought due to it being a fine line, it would take longer with the detail and be more difficult, so it in theory would justify that fee, although due to the time it ended up taking which was half a day and the condition of the tattoo after I realise I've been ripped off. Can anyone advise that due to being fine line that this acceptable or should I contact her and ask for some money back so I can pay it to another artist who could do a better job? 


Any advice is appreciated 

Many thanks 




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First, £300 for half a day doesn’t sound high to to me. Presumably she drew it before you got there, had to set up, tattoo you, tear down, sterilize everything. It all takes time and time is money.

However, that is not acceptable for a couple month old tattoo. I’d cut my losses and find someone good who can fix it.

As far as a refund, good luck.

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She didn't draw it before I got there, she gave me a couple if size options and then drew it while it was there, it took her around half an hour. I'm not sure if you're referring to design, but she didn't design it either, I compiled the images together which I searched for online and she just resized them. She was happy to do so.

In regards to trying to get some money back, in theory I've paid for it to be done properly which still hasn't been done, I shouldn't have to pay for a service that ultimately wasn't delivered.

She was a nice person but just not good at tattooing. I don't normally put negative reviews online about businesses, but it isn't fair that other people pay money to someone who claims they can tattoo well and obviously they can't

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