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Heavy scabbing


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So this isn't my first time getting a tattoo, this is the smallest one I've gotten so far though. I'm pretty familiar with the healing process and this ones about 5 days old now, it doesn't really hurt although it is sore here and there. It's not red or actively leaking thick opaque pus. It is very itchy and it feels like it stretches the scabs on it when I bend my arm. But the super heavy scabbing does concern me a little bit, I've never had one scab over this much. I'm also concerned about the yellowish color from the scabs. I'm just wondering if it'll flake off eventually or if I should be worried at the look of it. I'm not sure if my artist just overworked my skin or what.




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To lessen the appearance of rough skin after healing, once the scab has fallen off naturally, use cocoa butter.

Putting it on in the morning and at night for the next few months helps your skin stay nourished to return to normal.

It was definitely overworked, but scabbing in itself is not a bad thing.

Heavy scabbing has a lot to do with how you care for the tattoo in the first 24-48 hours after getting a tattoo.

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My last tattoo scabbed over a lot, and I was very concerned, but my tattoo artist reassured me and told me to just continue with normal care. It healed perfectly fine and looks great now, so I wouldn't worry to much. 

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