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On most forums, I use the "New Posts" or "Today's Posts" feature. On other forums, this usually brings up any threads that have been posted in since I last viewed them, but the "New Posts" feature here doesn't seem to do that?

For example, this morning I got on after about 10ish hours since last visiting, and "New Posts" yielded a list of 2 threads. After a bit of rummaging, I could see a lot more had been going on since my last visit but wasn't brought up in New Posts.

Obviously this is a tiny issue, but it might be worth having a gander at.

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I would also say to go with "What's New." I've noticed that the "New Posts" times out after a while, meaning that if I sign in and take a lengthy break before going back to What's New, they're gone as if I had read them.

Thanks for paying attention, and the heads up!

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Hi Guys,

I made some adjustments that should improve the way this stuff works. It adds some overhead to the way the forum runs, so if pages start loading too slowly, I may have to set it back to the way it was until we can address it with hardware upgrades.

As always - thank you for the suggestions for improvements - we really do appreciate them, as we want this to always be the best Tattoo Forum on teh interwebs!

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