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'Zombie boy' does campaign for Dermablend tattoo covering makeup -video


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So I'm sure everyone remembers this guy


His tattoos have shot him into fame. Appearing in runway fashion shows in Paris and Lady Gaga's hit video Born This Way. Well now he's doing a campaign for the Dermablend makeup brand. It's one of the only makeups that claims to fully erase your tattoo for the day. It's actually kind of crazy how well it seems to work. Anyways kind of a neat video and weird to see the dude with no tattoos.

Zombie Boy demonstrates the ultimate tattoo concealer - Telegraph

Edit to add:

Here;s the video commercial


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Yeah, but if you watch how thick they must put that cream. Like they needed to paint on his nipples again just so you could see them.

[edit] and no matter how many times I see this guy the only thing I can think of is his little silhouette tattoo of Texas he has near his hand.

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Without tattoos, he's kind of cute. There's a gif floating around somewhere in which he smiles, which is pretty much heart-melting.

I wonder how long he'll be able to make a living based on his appearance. Will people get bored of him (for lack of a better word), or will he carve out a niche and be able to keep doing modelling and advertising like this?

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